AceTT Air Walk 360° Movement Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

AceTT Air Walk 360° Movement Elliptical Cross Trainer

AceTT 360° Movement Elliptical Machine

AceTT Air Walk is a 360-degree movement, foldable gym elliptical cross trainer machine for use in the comfort of your home. It has a sturdy and durable frame with a total of 220 pounds of user weight capacity. You’ll achieve a freedom of movement with a complete range of motion with the patented dual-acting split suspension on this elliptical trainer.

Being released only at the end of November, 2020 there is a single 5-star rating at But very similar 360-degree air walk type elliptical trainers are offered on the website and you may want to check out those reviews. What’s good about this AceTT Air Walk is it gets your whole body involved in a 360-degree movement, targeting your legs, arms, abdominals and other muscles as part of a whole body workout even more than a typical elliptical machine.

By keeping an upright posture you’ll get your core muscles play a role in stabilizing your lower and upper body muscles and your endurance and stability will be increased. There is an on-board stabilizer that you can use to keep the elliptical even on different grounds and you can enjoy your smooth workout session. It feels quite stable and comfortable as you step on the anti-slip foot platforms and hold the anti-slip handles. It offers a relatively low impact workout that puts less strain and burden on your joints, ankles or knees.

AceTT 360° Movement Elliptical Trainer

AceTT Air Walk is compact in size and good for small places, weighs 37 pounds and measures 48 x 28.3 x 19.7 inches, has a conveniently foldable design and you can fold it (and unfold it) and wheel it to a corner when not in use. It is ideal for smaller apartments or offices. It has a smart LCD-backlit display that shows the distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned and number of steps.

There are no sensors on the handlebar and no heart rate reading. You can increase your heart rate, burn calories and fat, lose, control or maintain weight and stay in shape by using it regularly and eating healthy. The resistance is easily adjusted for different levels of intensity and difficulty. With the 360-degree movement on this elliptical your coordination and flexibility will also be improved. It is a very low cost fitness equipment for what it is, cheaper than some of the similar models. And being in stock in the US, it is shipped swiftly via a warehouse within the country. We are more than happy to recommend it at the current price level.

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