Essential Small Kitchen Appliances

Coffee Machine

Essential Small Kitchen Appliances- What to Get This Year? There are so many different types and brands of small kitchen appliances with different special functions on the market and you only have a limited space in your kitchen and a certain amount of money you can spend, so it is important to pick the ones … Read more

The Least Serviced Most Reliable Kitchen Appliance Brands

Best Oven Brands- Woman in Kitchen

Best Kitchen Appliances- The Least Fixed / Most Reliable Appliance Brands On this page, you will find our top picks for kitchen appliances brands- the most reliable, the most functional and the least serviced. This will be a general list as each major brand has products that are superior to others in one way or … Read more

Why Should I Buy and Use a Food Dehydrator?

Dried squids- food dehydrator

Why Use a Food Dehydrator? If you are open to new experiences- like trying out new things in the kitchen and especially like eating healthy, a food dehydrator is something you may want to look into for creating healthy snacks with much longer shelf life without added sugar or harmful additives right at home. Once you … Read more

Types of Juicers


What Type of Juicer Should You Get? There are mainly two types of juicers: Slow/Masticating/Cold Press and Centrifugal juicers. The way slow juicers work is they gently squeeze or chew the ingredients- veggies and fruits to get the most amount out of them by efficiently removing pulp and fiber and the juice yield is often … Read more

Types of Blenders

Stand Mixer- Food Prep

What Type of Blender is Good For You? There are basically three main types of blenders: Hand blenders, traditional stand mixers and professional grade stand mixers. Hand blenders are often quite portable and easy to carry around with their slim and long but compact structures that make them easy to be carried around and as … Read more

Buying a Coffee Maker or an Espresso Machine

Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System (CF097)

About Modern Coffee and Espresso Makers.. Coffee happens to be a very important part of the majority of adults’ daily lives and perhaps yours and you may be spending too much on good quality cups of coffee every day and you may have started thinking about getting a machine at home or your office. With … Read more

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