Balelinko 4-Tier 1100lb. Capacity Weight Rack for Dumbbells and Plates Review

Balelinko 4-Tier 1100lb. Capacity Weight Rack

Balelinko 4 Tier Weight Rack Home Gym

Balelinko 4 Tier Weight Rack is a solid, durable and versatile unit that is designed for weight plates and dumbbells for home gym use. As a dumbbell storage stand it has a decent total weight capacity of 1100 pounds on its robust frame.

It first became available at on March 1, 2021, but there aren’t any customer reviews yet. You can purchase it in two different colors of black or gray. This solid 1100lb. dumbbells rack was designed and manufactured by the pro coach advice. You can put weights or dumbbells that weigh from 5 to 150 pounds. The distance between each tier is 9.6 inches, the rail length is 34 inches and the whole weight rack measures 36H x 25.5D x 29L inches.

It comes with the 7.8″ long weight pegs on two sides for putting your weight plates. You have four tiers of storage space and the four storage posts on this multi-level weight storage rack with an ergonomic design. It offers you the convenience of having your weight plates, dumbbell and other work-out tools in one place. It is quite easy to put the pieces together as you take it out of the box, by following the instructions and using the tools. The dumbbell rack stand will accommodate dumbbells of different sizes.

The edges of the frame are smooth with the polishing and the solid powder-coated finish. There won’t be any scratches that you need to worry about. It has a robust construction and will not be damaged easily even when you use heavy weights on it. The matte surface will resist scuffs and scratches effectively and cracks will not likely to happen. It has theBalelinko 4 Tier Weight Rack rubber base caps underneath and your wooden and other floors will not get scratches. And you can have a safe training on this stable unit that stays put when you’re working out.

It offers you a nice, solid and compact solution for fitness studios, garage or home gyms. The triangular structure of this weights rack with the ultra-thick A3 steel makes it very sturdy and stable. In the box you will find a set of dumbbell rack parts, a user manual, the tools of assembly and a year of warranty by the manufacturer. It is very much suitable for use in any home gym, with its very sturdy construction and the versatility it offers. And it will help you improve your daily workout plan. As a number one new release in strength training dumbbell racks it is a popular fitness equipment.

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