BLH Power Tower, Pull Up Bar & Dip Station Workout Equipment with 420lb. Capacity Review

BLH Power Tower, Pull Up Bar & Dip Station

BLH Power Tower Pull up Bar

BLH Power Tower is a modern strength training equipment with the dip station, pull up bar with a 420-pound capacity for use in home gym settings. The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by two customers for this number one new release power tower dip stand at the moment.

It is an all in one equipment that lets you work out at different positions including chin ups, pull ups, tricep dips, push ups, hanging leg raises to work on your chest, back, shoulders, arms- triceps & biceps, core section-abdominals and leg muscles. You can use it in the comfort of your home and achieve your different goals. It has a solid and durable, heavy duty construction with a strong steel, 2-inch diameter round steel pipes, that offer you a premium welding quality.

The total user weight capacity on the BLH Power Tower is 420 pounds and will withstand use over a long time. It is solid, sturdy and durable and will not rust easily. The price is low anyway and will pay itself back in a short time. It is a solid unit with an Splayed U shape base, 2.4 x 2.4 inches of diameter, 0.06″ thickness. And it is a multifunctional fitness equipment that you can adjust back and forth. With a height of 7.2 feet, people that are 5’2″ to 6’6″ tall can use it comfortably.

You can work out in different positions by the adjustability and users at different heights can get a decent upper body workout. There is the EPE extra padding on the backrest and elbow rest and it is covered by te soft PU leather. It is quite comfortable and will support your back and elbows. You have a decent back support and any joint pressure is reduced thanks to the tilted design of the dip station. The PCC handles have the anti-slip pattern, is sweat proof and strengthened against frictions and you will not be likely to encounter injuries.

The good quality thick steel pipes are built with the auto welding machines for better integration. And each process of the manufacturing is followed by quality control. The materials used are crack-free and offer you great comfort and for durability. You can get a great, effective whole body workout as you do the inverted rows, push ups, pull ups, tricep dips and leg lifts. It measures 41.2L xBLH Power Tower Pull up Bar Pro Home Gym 12.2W x 84.6H inches. It can help enhance your functional strength for you to perform the daily thing like walking, twisting, pulling and pushing.

BLH Power Tower first became available at on June 29, 2021 and is currently ranked the 17th best selling among the strength training dip stands at It comes with a two-year warranty and good customer support that you can message through your order page and that seems to be helpful when you encounter any probems. They will try and get back to your queries within 24 hours. You’ll find the assembly guide and the simple tools in the box. You do not need to worry about quality and you can just focus on your training session and work towards getting the results you want.

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