BonsenKitchen Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Review

BonsenKitchen Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

BonsenKitchen Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

BonsenKitchen Food Saver Vacuum Sealer is designed for efficient food storage with an integrated air sealing system with the vacuum sealer kits. The average customer rating for this number one new release vacuum sealer is 5 out of 5 stars by 4 users on the day of this product review.

BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer is ideal for sous vide use and will help you avoid any freezer burns and dehydration with the dry and moist options It is lightweight and compact in size, weighs 5.04 pounds and measures 17.2 x 8.1 x 5.2 inches and can have a permanent place on your counter and can be stored away easily. The price is low for a good quality vacuum sealer with a decent build quality and functionality.

It is very easy to operate with a single key that will let you vacuum and seal whatever you want and you also have the only Seal option. It will get any air out and seal the bag and keep your foods fresh much longer. It has the built-in cutter, built-in bag storage and built-in air suction hole. With your purchase you will get the bonus items of 5 vacuum bags of 7.87 x 11.81 inches each which are good for vacuum and seal and a very long vacuum bag roll of 9.8 x 11.8 inches, two vacuum hoses, a wine cork, an 5 zipper bags of 9.84 x 11.02 inches.

After vacuuming and sealing you can keep these items in your fridge or freezer or in your kitchen cupboard depending on what they are. You will be saving money by not throwing away your leftover foods. And you will be able to extend the expiration dates. You have the dry and moist options for different kinds of foods, which will help you BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealersave these foods better. For instance you’re better off vacuuming and sealing the meat in the Dry mode which would be the best thing for meat.

With the kids safety lock you will keep your children safer in the kitchen. You can either just seal, or seal and vacuum- they are two separate programs. It comes with a year of warranty and decent customer service that you can contact for any questions you may have. Please see the instructions for cleaning the vacuum sealer on the Amazon product page, questions and answers section. BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer is a nice looking vacuum sealer machine that does the job well and is offered at a great price. It is listed as a returnable item within 30 days of your purchase via with no questions asked.

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