Brim 15 Bar Espresso Machine with Milk Steamer, 50030 Review

Brim 15 Bar Espresso Machine with Milk Steamer

brim 15 Bar Espresso Machine

Brim 15 Bar Espresso Machine (50030) is a sleek and modern latte, Americano, cappuccino and espresso coffee maker with a milk steamer and frother. It has a beautiful design with the stainless steel and wood accents and a wood finish handle.

This Amazon’s Choice Espresso Machine by Brim was first available on October 2, 2019 and is ranked the 30th best selling espresso maker on the website. It has a 51 fluid ounce capacity and comes with a solid metal tamper, a 12oz stainless steel milk brother pitcher, a universal portafilter holder, a filter cleaning tool and a measuring scoop. It is easy to clean with the removable water tank, steam wand tip and drip tray and please refer to the cleaning instructions in the user manual.

With the powerful thermocoil heating system and the high pressure Italian pump you’ll get hot espresso shots and you’ll be on total control of the process from dosing to sipping. It has a commercial design dry steam wand that swivels 360 degrees, as well as a stainless steel frothing pitcher, single and double cup pressurised filter baskets and a 2-in-1 tamper scoop as part of its advanced design. The good quality glass containers, accurate measuring instruments and a thoughtful design you can make espresso very easily.

brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker

You can use it in a cafe shop for making 15-20 cups of coffee per day easily. It is a dynamic machine that makes tasty espresso with microfoam that is almost cafe quality. Please note that this Brim espresso machine does not dispense hot water for making Americano. There is only a bit of water that comes out of the steam wand when you first turn the steam on, but that will not be enough for Americanos. There is no special cup warming function as such but you can put the cups on top of the espresso machine to warm up your cups when it is on. 

Brim 15 Bar Espresso Machine weighs 12.56 pounds and measures 11.81 x 10.47 x 14.09 inches. It is for 120V of voltage and can be plugged into any regular US power outlets. How often you need to clean the espresso machine will depend on how frequently you use the coffee maker and the water conditions- the amount calcium or minerals accumulation in water. But roughly speaking you can clean it with distilled vinegar twice a year for removing the scale. It is made in China like most products these days, but shipped from a warehouse within the US. Brim has been in the coffee business since 1961 and they have a variety of coffee related products including the burr grinders, kettles, French presses, espresso and coffee makers and pour over kits that let you brew coffee by using the classic techniques. 

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