BSN Sports Plate Loaded Incline Rower Review

BSN Sports Plate Loaded Incline Rower

BSN Sports Plate Loaded Incline Rower (EA)

BSN Sports Plate Loaded Incline Rower is a very solid and durable resistance training machine with a 2-inch square HD steel with the dimensions of 48H x 27W x 80L inches. It is a hot new release weights training product for your back and other muscles like biceps, anterior deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids and more. Please note that this incline rower can only be used with the Olympic type plates and the pad color is available only in black color.

There is a properly padded comfy chest pad with the solid vinyl and the swivel handlebar for giving you great support and the right angle when you’re lifting heavy weights.  If you’re worried about the space and whether this will fit, from the back part of the base to the end of the weight plate loader in the middle pointing to the front, it is roughly 76 inches long. The weight holder is 12 inches long and the total weight capacity is 600 pounds and the number of weight plates you can put on this will depend on the thickness of these plates. You can have 8 x Champion Barbell 45lb. Olympic plates on it.

It is a very sturdy product and will carry your bodyweight even if you’re heavy plus the max amount of weight plates on it. It will feel very stable when you do your reps in months or years even if you use it every day. It is almost as good as a commercial incline rowers, everything is commercial except for the smaller foot support and the narrow handle placement. The handles are fixed and can’t be adjusted to different angles but moves up and down, left to right. If the black pad feels a bit hard you can always add support like a towel on it. Overall it is quite a good quality plate loaded incline rower that could also be used in small gyms.

BSN Sports Plate Loaded Incline Rower is not shipped totally preassembled, but is easy to put the pieces together. It is covered with a warranty of one year by the manufacturer and customer support is available for any queries you may have. And the product is guaranteed to be defect-free in materials and workmanship for a year from the delivery date to you, as long as you were able to put the pieces together correctly and maintain it properly. They will repair or replace it with no cost to you as you return the rower to them with the freight prepaid if it is decided to be defective. If you don’t have a special warranty, they will check the product and confirm that it was used normally and honor the 1-year warranty.

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