California Air Tools CAT-5510A 5.5 gallon Aluminum Portable Air Compressor and 5510SE Stainless Steel Review

California Air Tools CAT-5510A Aluminum Air Compressor

California Air Tools CAT-5510A

California Air Tools CAT-5510A will be a great help to those that are looking for an air compressor that can help them with smaller scale applications, with its powerful 1.0 HP rated / running and 2.0 HP peak motor that supports cleaning tasks, air brushing and inflating. It is designed to function with various devices like dental drills, staplers, nail finishers, blow guns, brad nailers and engravers. The compression machine will serve most of your needs in small tasks and it certainly seems to be decent value for money. A major benefit in buying the CAT-5510A would be how quietly it runs. Even when performing the tougher tasks, the motor reaches a maximum noise level of 60 decibels which clearly demonstrates the itss noiseless nature and you won’t even need to talk loud when you’re next to it. It runs at 1680 revolutions per minute speed, which does help with creating less wear and tear or noise. The motor’s quiet operation makes it ideal at sites where extreme noise can cause disturbance to others. The storage tank is made of 5.5 gallon rust-free aluminium making it durable and strong enough and you also have the option to get it with steel tank- the 5510SE model that weighs 54 pounds that you’ll see on the same product page.

California Air Tools 5510SE Compressor

California Air Tools CAT-5510A features a high capacity 5.5 gallon steel tank that holds the air pressure at predetermined levels and that expels air at 120 PSI and it also requires a few seconds to shift from 90 to 120 PSI and the motor triggers smooth airflow in no time. But this also means that the unit can be a bit heavy too due to mainly the weight of steel tank but is still easy to relocate for storage or to move elsewhere with its wheels- aluminium model weighs 34 pounds and measures 25.5 x 11.5 x 21 inches and steel weighs 54 pounds. The air tank is remarkably large and the motor features pressure control gauges that can be handled effortlessly and it has a powerful thermal overload protector. On the whole, California Air Tools CAT-5510A is a great compressor with decent features that will help you get your jobs done with ease. It offers more than 3000 hours of service (life cycle before wear) as compared to 500 hours in may other models and is much more powerful than the conventional compressors. Additionally, the air tool has fixtures that will help you roll it to and from storage areas easily. It has very few complaints from users, managing to score 4.6 / 5 stars out of 100 reviews on at the time of this review: Silent, powerful, longer life with build quality and great components and oil free pump to help with reducing maintenance costs. Great value overall!

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