CAMILLEE 4-in-1 Multifunctional Mechanical Treadmill Review

CAMILLEE 4-in-1 Mechanical Treadmill 

CAMILLEE Four-in-one Mechanical Treadmill

CAMILLEE 4-in-1 Mechanical Treadmill is a compact and foldable, manual cardiovascular workout equipment for home use. It is a hot new release equipment that first appeared at only in August this year.

Camillee 4-in-1 Treadmill is made in China by the Zu Song Co., Ltd. It is offered at a reasonable price and gives you a decent workout that could be compared to what you can get from electric machines. You can walk, jog, run, massage, do sit-ups, twist and more on this multi-functional manual treadmill. It is easy to set up as you take it out of the box and you can start using it in a short time.

It has a conveniently foldable and space saving design and is easy to move around in your house. People of different ages and levels of fitness can use it without problems. It offers a fairly low impact workout with the different layers on the tread belt and the comfy spring. And you can walk or jog on this high-precision running belt without needing to hold the handles. There is an LED-backlit display panel that shows the current speed, calories burned, time exercised and distance travelled.

The gross weight of this manual treadmill is 37.4 pounds, measures 46 x 20 x 43.3 inches and the tread belt is 36.2 x 12.9 inches (92 x 33cm) for an adequate exercise space. The maximum total user weight capacity is 330 pounds or 150kg. In the package you will get an English user manual to help you with the operation. Manual treadmills are generally believed to be ideal for shorter activity rather than a longer intense jogging or running. But I tend to disagree here as I often find the manual treadmills to be more challenging.

CAMILLEE Four-in-one Manual Treadmill

It has a cast steel resistance wheel that helps with a smooth and uniform motion during your workout session. You have the good quality foam on the sit-up unit and the massage wheels will help you relax your leg muscles after your workout. The twisting machine is good for tightening your waist section and working on your abdominals and to massage the soles of your feet.

The incline is adjustable manually for you to experience even more challenge. It gets the job done just fine, giving you a decent amount of challenge and a good workout in the comfort of your home. And you can contact the customer support through your Amazon order page and they shall be happy to help. You always have Amazon’s own customer service team that is known to be one of the best in the industry. It is shipped from a warehouse within the United States and you should receive it within 4 to 10 business days.

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