Catrimown Kids Spin Bike Workout Equipment Review

Catrimown Kids Spin Bike Workout Equipment

Catrimown Spin Bike Kids Workout Equipment

Catrimown Kids Spin Bike is a brand new release compact, indoor stationary fitness equipment with an LCD-backlit digital monitor and seat cushion for your little ones. It has quite an attractive design and looks good in yellow, red and orange colors.

Catrimown Spin Bike offers a realistic feeling standard workout experience for your preschool children at any age with its adjustable height and resistance level. But it is probably mostly for the kids between the ages of 3 and 5. You can adjust the saddle height, lift it up or down through the bolt underneath.

The resistance level will be according to what your little one can handle at the time of the workout. The tension dial is located on the handlebar just below the display panel as you can see in the photo. The multifunctional digital LCD-backlit monitor has the Auto On/Off function and works with two AA batteries that are not included in the package. It helps you keep track of your kid’s performance by showing the standard workout stats that we see on the adult indoor bikes: Distance traveled, calories burned, current speed and time exercised.

Catrimown Kids Spin Bike has a premium look and feel and a robust construction of steel with powder coating for a maximum of 100 pounds of total user weight capacity, which will obviously be plenty enough for kids at that age. It is built sturdy and durable to allow a long-term use by your younger kids when they get to that age. It is also quite comfortable to sit Catrimown Spin Bike Kids Workout Equipment LCD Displayand exercise on the soft padded seat, even for longer periods. With this modern indoor bike your kids will have a whole body workout in the comfort and security of your home, without needing to get outside on the street.

Catrimown Spin Bike weighs 16.4 pounds and measures 20.8L x 14.2W x 19.7H inches with 1.98-inch thick legs and 0.87-inch thick handle bar. You will get the hardware and step-by-step instructions included in the package and it is easy to assemble. They offer 24 hours customer support for any questions or problems you may have. The bike legs have the foot pads to avoid any scratches or damage to your floors. And it offers both the physical and mental benefits, like reducing stress and anxiety and the ability to stay on track and stay dedicated with the daily fitness plan. It first appeared at only very recently on October 22, 2020 and there aren’t any customer reviews or ratings  at the moment.

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