Chipoee 14lb. Compact Semi-Automatic Washing Machine & Spin Dryer Review

Chipoee 14lb. Compact Semi-Automatic Washer

Chipoee Compact Wash Machine, 14lbs Washer Dryer

Chipoee Compact Washing Machine is a sleek and modern, compact and portable, semi-automatic mini appliance with a 14 pound capacity for washing and spin drying your clothes. You can choose the washer or spinner through the first dial and it has 10lbs capacity for the washer and 4lbs for the spinner.

It measures 21.26L x 13.78W x 13.39H inches and is a conveniently portable washer that is suitable for smaller apartments, dorms- students, RVs or wherever you’re near a power outlet. With the US plug and 110V of voltage you can plug it into any standard US power outlets. As a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified mini washer and spin dryer, it is tested against the North American recognised standards and requirements. And this means you can trust your choice.

Chipoee 14lb. would make a nice washer for your smaller items or single clothes that you may want to wash separately and not mix with your other clothes to prevent any cross-infection. It would offer a good alternative to taking your clothes to the laundry every week, saving you on effort- the trip and money as the laundries are not particularly cheap. Although it takes very little space in your bathroom it still has a 10-pound washer capacity and would be good for washing your pillows, socks, t-shirts and underwear.

This mini washing machine has the water inlet at the top, next to the control dials and a built-in gravity drain at the bottom. You can keep it high on the kitchen countertop or bathtub and drain it into the sink or bathtub. Please note that you can’t run the washer and spinner at the same time as this is a single tub machine. And after you’re done with the washing, you can use the 4lb. capacity spin tub for getting rid of theChipoee Compact Wash Machine, 14lbs excess water off your clothes to help shorten the drying time in the tumble dryer or when you hang them.

It is a powerful semi-automatic electric mini washing machine that will wash your clothes and get them clean quickly and save you time. You can adjust the washing time up to 15 minutes. It is easy to operate as you just put your clothes in, fill the tub with water, adjust the time and it will start washing your clothes. You can view the washing or spinning process through the clear lid at the top. This 14lb. compact washer first became available at on October 27, 2021 and is ranked the 39th best selling portable clothes washing machine at the moment.

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