CIKUNASI Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage

CIKUNASI Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage

CIKUNASI Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage

The CIKUNASI Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage is a fashionable and modern bed frame with a variety of practical features at a low price. It seeks to give users both comfort and utility with its built-in storage shelves, charging station, LED lights, and durable construction.

Assembly and Design:

The bed frame comes with detailed construction instructions, making it reasonably simple to assemble. Some customers commented that the directions should be improved, but with a little patience, they were able to correctly assemble the frame. Most users completed the assembly process in about 1 to 2 hours. The bed frame’s sleek and contemporary design makes it suitable for various bedroom styles. It comes in a sleek grey color that may add nicely to different room decors.

Storage Features:

The storage choices provided by this bed frame are one of its most notable characteristics. The headboard includes a built-in shelf for keeping small objects like phones, books, or other essentials handy while in bed. This function is very handy for people who don’t have a side table or like to keep important items close at hand.

In addition, the bed frame incorporates two fabric drawers on wheels under the footboard for easy access. These dustproof drawers have plenty of space to store clothes, bedding, shoes, and other stuff, keeping your bedroom nice and organized.

Charging Station and LED Lights:

There are two normal plug outlets, a USB port, and a Type-C charging connector on the bed headboard. This handy charging station enables users to charge their smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets without the need for additional power outlets or extension cords near the bed.

In addition, the bed frame includes a self-adhesive LED light. This RGB LED light can be operated by a remote or an app, and it comes in over 20 different colors and four different settings to let you create different bedroom atmospheres. The LED lights offer atmosphere and distinguish the bed frame in terms of both appearance and utility.

Sturdiness and Capacity:

CIKUNASI Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage USB Type C and Power Cord

The bed frame is made of wood and aluminium, offering a sturdy and long-lasting framework. It has 11 thicker metal slats for added stability and can support up to 1000 pounds of weight. Users commended its durability, especially when children jumped on it.

No Box Spring Needed:

The platform bed design eliminates the need for a box spring, saving users money and delivering a more peaceful and restful sleep experience.

Customer Feedback:

The CIKUNASI Queen Size Bed Frame received positive feedback from the majority of consumers, who praised its sturdiness, storage capacity, and the convenience of the charging station and LED lights. Users found the bed frame to be simple to assemble, while some longed for more detailed instructions. Several reviews praised the headboard’s appearance and usefulness, which included a built-in shelf and charging station.

While the bulk of the reviews were excellent, several consumers reported small problems, such as faults in the fabric drawers or LED lighting. The seller’s customer service, on the other hand, was swift and helpful in resolving these concerns by offering replacements or refunds.


For individuals looking for a trendy and functional bed frame at an inexpensive price, the CIKUNASI Queen Size Bed Frame with Headboard and Storage offers a versatile and practical solution. This bed frame meets current needs while keeping a solid and trustworthy structure, thanks to its built-in charging station, LED lights, and extensive storage possibilities. Despite minor assembly difficulties for some, the generally positive customer feedback, combined with great customer support, makes it a recommended choice for anyone wishing to update their bedroom with a beautiful and useful bed frame.

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