Conserv 4400N 24″ Compact Combo Washer Dryer Review

Conserv 4400N 24″ Compact Combo Washer Dryer

Conserv 24-inch Compact Combo Washer Dryer

White Conserv 4400N by Eco Appliances Inc. is a 24-inch size compact clothes washer and dryer combo with a 1.6 cubic feet capacity in its stainless steel drum It has a digital display in the middle and an adjustment knob on the right for selecting and adjusting the settings.

The Conserv 4400N can be used for the clothes of single people, families, babies or users with different lifestyles. It works relatively quietly for a washing machine and dryer, at a noise level of less than 60 decibels. The cycle options are Normal, Bulky and Quick Wash and the 8 wash cycles are Quiet, Delicates, Baby, Wool, Standard, Heavy, Quick 20 and Prewash + Heavy. Winterize is a quick, easy to operate two minute function on the knob, mainly for RV users. You just add antifreeze in the steel drum inside and press the Start button.

It is promoted as the only washer dryer combo on the market that offers the Ventless/Condensing Dry by use of cold water or Vented by hot air. You can change the mode of drying from ventless to vented and vice versa by simply pressing a button. Vented format will dry your clothes better and up to 30% quicker than the ventless units. So it is nice to have this convertible option for vented / ventless. You can change it depending on the season by simply touching a button. With a very high 1400rpm speed it will get more water out of your clothes. You can choose from different dryness levels of 12 minute Refresh Dry, 60 minute Time Dry or Sensor Dry. It has an easy to use control panel with a digital display and an easy and quick 2-step operation.

Conserv 4400N weighs 161 pounds and measures 33.5H x 23.5W x 22D inches, and has a decent 13 pound capacity (1.59 cubic feet). With the 45-degree angle door handle the chance of bending is decreased. It  has 15 patents and meets the energy standards. With the time and energy saving functions it has earned different industry and design awards including the Tech Brilliance and VIP Design (twice). It has exactly the same functions of full size combo or separate washing and drying Conserv 24-inch Compact Combo Washer machines. It is nice to have the Auto Water Level and Sensor Dry functions on this Super Combo. The 4400N will help dry your clothes quicker than normal with its 1200rpm motor (110V, 60Hz, 15A). You can use this very slim washer dryer combo in condos, apartments or any other small spaces.

It is nice to have the flexibility of washing and drying your clothes wherever you want, including the RVs. With a total of 14 programmable Wash and Dry functions you have different options and ways of washing and drying your clothes. It has the Diagnostics function with the 12 error codes. Other convenient features include the Delay Start, Child Lock, Auto Wrinkle Guard in the Dry cycle, End of Cycle chime, Add-a-sock option, Self Cleaning, Start and Pause, Water Saver option, 4 adjustable leveling legs, Auto Display Off after 5mins, venting booster fan that blows air up to 50 feet distance. It works well as advertised and described, efficiently and quietly and despite being a small washer it has the same functions as the large, full size ones. The 24-inch Conserv Washer Dryer is offered with a warranty of two years if anything goes wrong or if you need any assistance within this period. It first became available at on January 14, 2021.

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