COSORI Dual Basket 9 Qt 8-in-1 Large Double Airfryer with SyncCook & SyncFinish Review

COSORI Dual Basket 9 Qt 8-in-1 Large Double Airfryer with SyncCook & SyncFinish  

COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer 9 Qt, Large and Wider Double Airfryer, 8-in-1, Sync Cook & Finish

With the COSORI Dual Basket 9.0 Quart Air Fryer, you can enhance your cooking experience. With the strength of two baskets, this unique kitchen appliance gives you the freedom to cook two different meals at once. This air fryer promises to change the way you cook with its many features and capabilities. To assist you in deciding if it’s the ideal addition to your kitchen, we’ll examine its design, functionality, user experience, and more in this product review.

Design and Features

Not only does the COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer function very effectively, but it also looks great in any kitchen. Its sleek and contemporary design and black color make it fit in with any decor and give your kitchen a sophisticated touch. But with its very big 9.0-quart capacity, this air fryer isn’t just for show. It’s serious business.

Large dinners can be accommodated in this large space, but it also offers flexibility and adaptability This air fryer has enough capacity to manage cooking for a large family or experimenting with several meals at once. Convenience is elevated by the dual-zone design and separate operation panels. You can now keep an eye on and manage each basket independently, guaranteeing exact cooking outcomes customized to your tastes.

Versatile Cooking Functions

In terms of cooking capabilities, the COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer excels. You have a total of six cooking functions at your disposal—Air Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate. If you’re craving crispy fries or delicious roast chicken or want to make nutritious dehydrated snacks, this air fryer can accommodate all of your culinary needs. Its flexibility lets you try out different recipes and cooking methods from the comfort of your kitchen, opening you to a world of possibilities.

SyncCook and SyncFinish

But this air fryer’s SyncCook and SyncFinish features are what make it unique. With SyncCook, you can easily master two meals simultaneously, opening up a whole new cooking world for you. Imagine using the same time, temperature, preheat, and shake reminder settings to cook a tender steak in one basket and crispy fries in another. Additionally, SyncFinish eliminates the need to adjust cooking times. This smart arrangement makes sure that both baskets cook at the same time, saving you effort and stress and allowing you to savor a fully cooked, hot dinner.

Healthy Cooking and Convenience

The COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer is designed to satisfy health-conscious people. It guarantees that you may enjoy your favorite foods without compromising your health, with a claimed 85% reduction in oil usage. With every bite, welcome a healthy lifestyle and wave goodbye to the guilt that comes with using standard frying techniques. For people with unique dietary requirements, the creative dual-basket design is revolutionary—it’s not only convenient. With this air fryer, you can cook tasty meals for the whole family without worrying about contaminated ingredients. It also accommodates a wide range of dietary choices and constraints.

Its design prioritizes convenience, making cleanup and meal preparation simple. The BPA-free, nonstick cooking baskets facilitate easier cleanup after each use in addition to encouraging healthier cooking. You just need to put them in the dishwasher and be done, saving yourself the trouble of scrubbing and soaking. You may have the pleasure of tasty, healthful meals with this air fryer without having to deal with the trouble of a long cleanup. It’s the ideal balance of ease of use and health-conscious cooking, letting you enjoy every minute spent in the kitchen stress-free.

User Feedback

Its user-friendly design, which simplifies cooking, is highly appreciated by customers. Even for individuals who are unfamiliar with air fryers, going through culinary functions is simple thanks to the user-friendly display and clearly labeled buttons. The dual-zone design adds even more ease by enabling users to easily handle two cooking operations at once. The air fryer is a reliable kitchen ally because of its precise temperature control, which guarantees that every meal—from delicious meats to crispy fries—is cooked to perfection.

Users also praise the COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer for its large cooking capacity and quiet performance. This air fryer produces less noise during operation than previous versions did. The large cooking capacity easily accommodates a lot of food, making it great for gatherings with family or friends. Users routinely praise the COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer for its exceptional performance, easy-to-use features, and intuitive design, which makes it no wonder that this appliance can enhance your cooking experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Dual-zone design for simultaneous cooking
  • Versatile cooking functions
  • SyncCook and SyncFinish capabilities
  • Healthy cooking with less oil
  • Dishwasher-safe baskets for easy cleanup


  • Some users have reported issues with warranty claims


In conclusion, the COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer (9 Qt) is a culinary tool that has the potential to change your cooking experience. It easily adjusts to your cooking needs, whether it’s a short weekday dinner or a large weekend feast, thanks to its flexible features and spacious design. The new SyncCook and SyncFinish functions ensure that every meal turns out perfectly by adding a touch of ease and precision.

Beyond its functionality, the COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer enhances your taste buds and your health by using less oil and offers you a hassle-free cleanup with its dishwasher-safe baskets. The great reviews by satisfied customers attest to its reliability and efficiency. Positive reviews by satisfied customers are a testament to the COSORI Dual Basket Air Fryer’s great performance and design.

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