Craftsman 10A 4×24 inch Belt Sander Review

Craftsman 10A 4×24 inch Belt Sander

Craftsman 10A 4x24 inch Belt Sander

The Craftsman 10A 4×24-inch belt sander is certainly worth taking a look at, especially for those who often need to use this type of tool with their woodworking projects. This particular belt sander has a 4×24 inch sanding belt, a dust bag to collect dust that accumulates, variable motor speed with 10 different settings, an 8 foot long cord and 800-1600 feet per minute belt speed.

With a total weight of 20.6 pounds, this belt sander has quite a bit to offer with regards to sheer power as well as user-friendliness. The ten different motor speed settings that you can choose from with this sander makes it incredibly versatile, so it can be used for a variety of woodworking projects. There is also the long cord, which doesn’t inhibit use for most, especially if an extension cord is being used.

There are quite a few different reviews for the Craftsman 10A belt sander, and a majority of the people who have reviewed it have nothing but positive things to say. One of the more common comments about it is that it tracks well and is very easy to adjust when necessary. The sheer power of it is something else that seems to be appreciated by lots of customers.

One of the most positive things that we can say about this belt sander is that it is has a simple yet effective design. The 10 different variable motor speed settings make it highly useful for those who do a lot of woodworking projects. There is also the 800-1600 feet per minute belt speed, which makes it able to get the job done quickly and without any issues. Even the cord length, which comes in at eight feet, is a huge convenience for those who work a fair distance away from an electrical outlet.

The Vibra Shield grip design is yet another positive feature about this belt sander that makes it very comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time. The sheer accuracy of it is truly amazing, which is something that you definitely won’t find with just any belt sander. Overall, the Craftsman 10A belt sander is an excellent investment to make, particularly for those who take on a lot of woodworking projects that require something like this. With many useful features and a sturdy design, there is no doubt that this sander is worth at least looking into for most woodworkers.

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