DEWALT DCB606-2 20/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 6.0 Ah Battery Dual Pack Review

DEWALT DCB606-2 20/60V MAX 6.0 Ah Battery Dual Pack


The DEWALT DCB606-2 20 Battery Dual Pack offers those who work with power tools the freedom to operate them without the restriction of a cord. This battery pack has 4x the runtime when compared to the DCB201 1.5 Ah battery pack, and 3x the power when compared to the DC9096 18V battery. 

The tri-platform compatibility design of this battery pack allows for a maximum of 20V, 60V and 120V. There is an LED display on it that tells you the status of the charge, so you will know exactly where it’s at and when it is completely done charging.

The durable overall construction of the DEWALT DCB606-2 20 is just one of the many things that people comment on when writing reviews on it. A lot of customers who review this battery pack states that it charges very quickly for them, so they don’t have to wait too long before they can use with one of their power tools. 

Anyone who wants the freedom to work without a cord when using their power tools for home improvement projects will definitely need to make a point of looking into this battery pack. The DEWALT DCB606-2 20 has a lot to offer, including a rapid charge design that will please even the most impatient of people.


This battery pack is a great investment to make for those who use power tools often. The FLEXVOLT system that it uses makes it a truly innovative device. Its ability to automatically change between two voltages makes it possible to work with power tools much more efficiently. This also means that it’s very easy to use this battery back with a multitude of power tools with maximum voltages.

The fact that it actually improves the run-time of DEWALT 20V MAX tools is something else to consider. The backwards compatibility of this battery pack is what makes it possible to use power tools for a longer period of time. With a total weight of just under 4.5 pounds, this battery back isn’t very bulky.

Its design is very sturdy, so you can be sure that it will last. The tri-platform compatibility means that you can count on it to work with just about any of the power tools you have in your garage, regardless of what the maximum voltage is. Overall, the DEWALT DCB606-2 can be very useful for many people who own a lot of power tools.

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