DEWALT DCS575T2 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Brushless Circular Saw with 2 Battery Kit Review

DEWALT DCS575T2 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Circular Saw +2 Battery Kit 

DEWALT DCS575T2 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Brushless Circular Saw

DEWALT DCS575T2 FLEXVOLT is the new 7-1/4 inch cordless circular saw with electronic brake, brushless motor that works on 60V MAX battery power and comes with a kit of two batteries that change voltage automatically when you switch tools (FLEXVOLT technology- world’s first). With its 7.25 inch full size blade positioned on the right hand side it is claimed to be as powerful as a corded circular saw making it suitable for intense jobs but with the great flexibility and ease of use of cordless so you can move from job to job easily without having to look for power outlets. When you release the trigger the blade will be stopped by the electronic brake. Brushless motor offers great power and speed of up to 5800rpm- is more durable, lasts longer with maximum run time to get the job done with up to 339 cuts capacity per charge in 2×4, doing great quality cuts consistently. It has the solid high grade aluminium flat shoe plate that helps with very precise cuts, resisting dents and dings and can do bevel cuts with its 57 degree beveling capacity and can stop at 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees.


As the FLEXVOLT flexible batteries are also compatible with the 20V tools they will give you up to 4 times the battery life and use it directly with the 60V and 120V tools by Dewalt. You can go 1-5/8″ inch deep at 45 degrees and 2-1/4″ inches deep at 90 degrees. You will be able to see everything clearly even in dim light or when working in dark corners thanks to the built-in LED light to illuminate the cut line. The tool weighs 7.6 pounds without the battery and measures 11.9 x 11.5 x 15.4 inches. Like other Dewalt tools you will get 3 years of limited warranty for tools and batteries. It comes with a dust chute which we think is very convenient to have so you can get the dust away from you when you’re working on the job. This is not an expensive kit for what it offers in terms of power, ease of use and the flexibility offered by the high capacity battery packs (50% more charge in 20V Max mode). It has the feel of a smaller capacity 18V type of tools in terms of weight and size which certainly makes it easier to use. Dewalt took some time to release this Flexvolt powered tools but the power and ergonomic design of this circular saw shows you may be glad you waited. You will find the  Dcs575 model 7-1/4 inch circular saw, two 60v MAX li-ion batteries, Dewalt 7-1/4 inch blade and a blade wrench in the box.

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