Dremel US40-02 120V Ultra-Saw Review

Dremel Ultra-Saw US40-02 Mini Circular Saw via Amazon

Dremel US40-02 120V Ultra-Saw

Dremel US40-02 Ultra Saw is the most powerful and versatile, 120V and 7.5 Amp motor corded electric 3-in-1 saw that can deal with very hard applications and that cuts quickly and precisely with the 3.5 and 4 inch cutting wheels, while giving you that feeling of confidence as it is quite a decent hand saw and grinder with a 13,000rpm speed. You will have cut more metal and it works for things like thin-set, paint and rust removing and other surface prep apps with the provided accessories by moving it sideways to get rid of roughness on surface, for example if you intend to have new flooring in your house, so it is not just about regular cutting and flush cutting jobs, you can do rip cuts and plunge cuts and more. This Ultra-Saw model is built even more solid than the Saw-Max with enhanced very solid drivetrain and the guard and metal foot will help you with those very difficult tasks like metal cutting that may cause heat generation. It is a great quality multi-functional saw by Dremel that adds a bit more to what the Saw-Max model can already do, such as the ability to do long cuts thanks to its power.

Dremel US40-02 120V UltraSaw

Dremel US40-02 weighs 4.62 pounds and measures 15 x 5.8 x 5.2 inches- (lightweight and compact) optimal weight and size for a variety of tasks. It is quite a powerful, smooth, reliable and functional saw that is a little loud (some of you may need to use earplugs if it is a lengthy operation) and with an easy single handed operation you can easily cut through plywood, soft and hard wood, laminate flooring, boat frames, ferrous and nonferrous metal, plastic, tile, PVC, composites, drywall, stonework materials and more. We like that it gives you a good control of depth adjustment (which can be very convenient) and with clear line of sight, you will see what you’re working on easily so you can be even in more control of things and cut very accurately. It is made in Mexico and in the box you will find the US40 Ultra-Saw tool, US820 auxiliary handle attachment, US510 3.5 inch wheel for cutting metals, US500 4 inch carbide wheel for cutting wood and a wrench, so it doesn’t include the vacuum port adapter and is not compatible with the SawMax attachments. One of the customers commented on the hardship of being able to find the spare blades but they are easy to find on the internet and a couple of others mentioned they found the blades in the offline and offline stores. It appears to be very good value for money, especially with the current discount on Amazon.

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