Figerm Sous Vide Cooker Review

Figerm Sous Vide Precision Cooker

FIGERM Sous Vide Cooker

White Figerm is a new release sous vide cooker with a high end 1100 watt (120V and 60Hz) heating element that helps heat up water very quickly, that is very easy to operate, allows Precision Temperature Cooking with a smart touch-button LCD display screen, minimum and maximum lines, time control and even circulation of water. It will cook your food slowly and consistently at a precise low temperature, maintaining the nutrients, texture and moisture and without overcooking. Temperature can be set between 0 and 90 degrees Celcius (32 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit) and you can choose the temperature indicated in Celcius or Fahrenheit and the timer for up to 99 hours and includes the auto shut-off function. Water bath can be up to 22 liters or 5 to 6 gallons of water for optimal operation. You can clamp it to pretty much any container or pot without using any other equipment and has a convenient stand-up design. It comes with security features like the overheat and dry heating protection, water level protection that turns the unit off to prevent accidents when the water level goes too low so it is perfectly safe to use even when you’re not around but we don’t recommend that you leave the house when the sous vide cooker is on. It is reported to be quite accurate and consistent, run quietly and efficiently and is offered at a reasonable price as compared to competitors and what it offers in terms of quality and functionality. Figerm Sous Vide Cooker has a solid and durable build quality made of heavy-duty materials, overall with a robust and secure clamp, removable power cord for ease of use and convenience. It weighs 5 pounds and measures 15.6 x 7.3 x 5.5 inches, looks very smart smart and stylish and nice in white colour- has a modern appearance.

FIGERM Sous Vide Cooking UnitLike with other sous vide cookers, what you do with this is you first vacuum seal your ingredients and put it in the water bath and turn it on after setting the time and temperature so it cooks slowly at a very precise temp consistently and it will take longer than say cooking in a pan on the stove but it will certainly taste better. Those that had their steak cooked by sous vide method in restaurants know what we’re talking about, the results are very good, consistently. And the good thing is you will achieve these impressive results in the comfort of your home but just make sure after cooking the steak you sear it on both sides on a pan at high temperature- temperature setting between 0 to 90 C is accurate within 0.1 degrees. You will experience even circulation and cooking at all times with the properly functioning circulation system at the bottom of the unit so you get the same results over and over- easy, convenient and professional results every single time. You’ll get steak and chicken breast that is tender, tasty and juicy and firm on the outside. In the box you will get the sous vide cooker, a removable power cord and a user manual that includes information for cooking common foods like steak, fish, chicken and veggies. Sous Vide means “Under Vacuum” in French and simply means vacuum sealing the food / ingredients (or use zipper lock bag) and cooking it in a water bath at a very precise temperature and the technique is called precision cooking for this precise temperature thing, so you can do sous vide also without vacuum sealing. Great value product!

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