Fit Sir 15~55lb Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set Review

Fit Sir 15~55lb Adjustable Dumbbell

Fit Sir Adjustable 55 lb Dumbbell 2

Fit Sir 55lb Adjustable Dumbbell is designed for resistance training in the comfort of your home. It is sold as a single dumbbell that acts as a weight set and that is suitable for use by both men and women at different fitness levels from beginner to advanced. The average customer rating is an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars by 17 customers at the time of this product review. 

You have the two color options of black or orange, with the same price tag at the moment. You can adjust this dumbbell between 15 and 55 pounds for your different workout needs and it measures 17L x 6.5W x 5.2H inches. The 55lb. Adjustable Dumbbell has the very smooth stainless steel plates with the PP material wrapping, can be switched easily and locked safely. There is no risk of disk dropping  with the 8-fold locking mechanism that offers a stable and safe experience especially for women. 

The concave and convex soft silicone grips on the adjustable dumbbell are nice and comfy to hold and has the integrated anti-slip encapsulation for a bit of friction between your hand and the dumbbell. It has the clear weight marks and with the unique bead positioning mechanism on the dumbbell you can adjust the weight in just a second. All you need to do is to turn the dumbbell barbell set handle gently to be able to change the weights. And you align the pointer with one of the 5 numbers to get the weight you want.

The very thick steel pipe handle of this dumbbell is long enough and easy to hold by two hands. The seven sided angular shaped weights are rust-free and wear resistant and can be adjusted and changed smoothly and quietly. With 5 different weights of 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 pounds, this dumbbell set can actually be a good substitute for your 5 dumbbells that will take up much more space in your home gym area. It is quite a solid and durable dumbbell that doesn’t get stuck easily. And you have the 8 locking grooves on the front and the handle for locking the weights tightly for the weights to not fall during your workout.

Fit Sir Adjustable 15lb - 55lb Dumbbell 2

The upgraded and strengthened dumbbell tray / base of multiple arc shaped grooves with supporting surfaces has the thick, sturdy and durable PP material. The dumbbell exercises you can do with this set include the standing biceps curl, wrist curl, dumbbell flies, single arm rows, push ups  and more. You can use it to train your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, thighs, hips and abdominals. Please note that it is sold as a single dumbbell and you can select the quantity as 2 when ordering if you want a set of two. 

Fit Sir brand has been in the manufacturing of fitness equipment including dumbbells for about a decade. And this adjustable dumbbell by the company has a US patented design for its unique functionality and appearance. This is a very good quality dumbbell that goes through and passes the strict inspections of quality before going out on the market. And you get a decent customer service with the product and they’ll get back to your questions within 24 hours. Fit Sir Dumbbells are shipped swiftly from an Amazon warehouse in the US and you should be able to receive them within 3 to 5 business days. It first became available at on November 19, 2021 and is currently ranked the 59th best seller among the Exercise & Fitness Dumbbells on the website. 

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