FITPULSE Vibration Plate with Triple Motors & Elastic Resistance Bands Review

FITPULSE Vibration Plate with Triple Motors

FITPULSE Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

FITPULSE Vibration Plate is a workout vibration platform with triple motors and elastic bands, that offers a passive type of exercise with real results. It was first released on September 22, 2020 and there aren’t many customer reviews at yet.

As a full body vibration platform with a solid construction it will help train your lower body, core section and upper body in passive way without much done on your part. The reported benefits include improving the lymph circulation, regenerating tissues, increasing metabolism, removing toxins, calorie and fat burning and weight loss over time.

You need to combine it with a healthy eating plan and even better if you also continue your conventional training at the gym or outdoors to get results way faster. But judging by the customer reviews online for different vibration platforms, they seem to work on their own too with many people reporting weight loss and more toned, leaner bodies. You can enhance your flexibility and balance and build strength through the intense vibrations offered by this platform. It will stimulate your muscles very nicely with the enhanced blood circulation and the extra contractions that will improve your workout results.

You’ll get a set of 5 resistance bands to help you work on your upper body by performing different exercises. It offers a low impact workout with the minimized impact on your joints, ankles or knees. You are promised better weight loss results in less time than the regular forms of exercise and you can burn fat and cellulite efficiently by boosting the lymphatic drainage and enhanced blood circulation. With the fitpulse classic vibration platformFitPulse Vibration Platform you’ll get a remote control, bonus 5 resistance bands and a foot massage pad, silent and powerful motor, 4 vibration modes and the stable suction rubber legs that will keep it in place.

You have three motor settings that you can choose and by dedicating just ten minutes each day you should be able to get results. 10 mins on this is claimed to be equal to 100 push ups, 20 min. swimming, 30 min. jogging and 30 min. riding. And you have different speeds and intensity levels to maximize your workout results no matter what your level of fitness and skills is. It has quite a user friendly design that makes it easy to operate. Please read the instructions in the user manual of the FitPulse Vibration Platform before starting to use it. If you encounter any problems or have any queries please contact the seller via your product order page. They should be able to get back to you within 24 hours. Overall it is a high-end, sturdy and durable vibration plate with a premium look and feel and seems to be good value for the dollar.

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