FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealing System, GM2050-000 Review

FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealer via Amazon

FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealing System

FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman GM2050-000 is one of the recent release modern vacuum sealers that is very easy to use- operated manually with easy lock latch closure and that can handle 40 seals consecutively. It measures 4.9 pounds and measures 5.5 x 16 x 3.9 inches- is compact in size (not really bigger than other FoodSaver sealers) and looks good in the sporty colour combination of black, green and orange for its new “Outsoorsman” theme. It is designed to help you avoid bag waste with the improved design and the bags are recyclable, made with materials that conform to FDA standards. The thing this product stands out with is its ability to seal more stuff non-stop without losing the pressure (with other FoodSaver units it is more like a maximum of 10). It has the automatic button for vac and seal and another button only for the seal if you’re dealing with more delicate items, is very easy to use and works very well if it is your first time in vacuum sealing as all you do is open the lid, put the bag across the strip, shut the lid and press the button to seal and the light will show when it is done sealing. As a great little vacuum sealer quality of the seals is very good- very tight with all the air taken out.

FoodSaver GameSaver Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealer

It can be used with any of the regular FoodSaver bags that you can get for this unit. It is especially useful for those that like gardening or buy meat or other foods in bulk and freeze them without freezer burns and does a great job despite its compact size, but it is probably a good idea to read the instructions provided before just turning it on and vacuum sealing it on your own, this way you will get it do a better job. It works very quietly and once you are done with vacuum sealing it is cleaned easily as it also includes a detachable drip tray. In the box you will find the GameSaver Outdoorsman, precut bags, a sample roll and an instructions manual. There is also the optional pump lid included but you will need the accessories like jar lids and FoodSaver canisters. Although it has the outdoorsy theme it is more suitable for use at home rather than outdoors as it is not rugged enough to deal with harsher conditions in the field. 4.8 / 5 stars out of 22 customer reviews on the day of this review indicates a very decent vacuum sealing system and very happy customers. This is a great quality product with 5 years of warranty by FoodSaver, which is the leader in vacuum sealing a proof that the company stands behinds its products and this is as good as any of their other vacuum sealers.

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