FREE VILLAGE Portable Countertop 26lb. Ice Maker, Z5812C-BLACK Review

FREE VILLAGE Portable Countertop 26lb. Ice Maker

Free Village Countrtop Portable Icemaker 26lb

Are you tired of running out of ice on hot summer days or at social gatherings with friends and family? There is no need to look any further! The FREE VILLAGE Portable Ice Maker Countertop is a high-quality, dependable ice-making equipment that will keep your drinks cool and delightful all day. This ice maker is the ideal addition to your home, office, or even camping vacations, thanks to its remarkable features and easy design.

Sleek Design and Efficient Ice Production:

The FREE VILLAGE Portable Ice Maker Countertop has a new and upgraded compressor that generates 9 ice cubes in 5-8 minutes and a whopping 26 lbs of ice daily. This means you’ll always have enough ice to keep your drinks cool, no matter the time or occasion. The elegant form of the ice maker, available in a fashionable black color, fits any kitchen or party scene.

Versatile Ice Options:

You may customize the ice cubes to your liking with two different ice-size options. This countertop ice maker produces bullet-shaped ice that melts slowly and does not clump together, ensuring that your drinks stay cold for longer periods of time. The ice machine‘s big, clear viewing window allows you to monitor the ice-making operation and ensures you never run out of ice suddenly.

Portable and Compact:

The FREE VILLAGE Portable Ice Maker is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal companion for camping vacations, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Its small size makes it easy to store in your kitchen, workplace, or bar area without taking up too much room. Because of its portability, this ice maker is multipurpose equipment that can be used in a variety of settings.

Ultra-Quiet Operation:

Free Village Portable Ice Machine with Ice Scoop

Say goodbye to obnoxious ice producers that disturb your quiet and tranquility! The noise level of the FREE VILLAGE Ice maker is less than 45 decibels, similar to a standard refrigerator’s noise level. This means you can enjoy the ice-making process in peace and quiet, whether at home or at work.

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

Customers who purchased the FREE VILLAGE Portable Ice Maker were pleased with its performance and ice quality. The ice cubes created are soft and “sonic-like,” making them ideal for beverages and cocktails. The ice maker’s efficiency and capacity to keep up with strong demand during parties and gatherings have been lauded by users.


For nearly a decade, FREE VILLAGE, a well-known brand in the household appliance business, has been committed to offering high-quality home appliances to American households. FREE VILLAGE has expanded its product line to include dehumidifiers, auto refrigerators and ice cream machines, with a strong emphasis on innovation and ongoing improvement. Because of the company’s dedication to quality and customer happiness, they are a top pick for ice makers on Amazon.


The FREE VILLAGE Portable Ice Maker Countertop is the ultimate ice-making companion for your home, office, or outdoor adventures. Its fast and efficient ice production, coupled with the self-cleaning function and quiet operation, make it a standout choice among ice makers in the market. Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying a camping trip, or just need a constant supply of ice for your beverages, this ice maker has got you covered. Experience the convenience and satisfaction of having ice ready at your fingertips with the FREE VILLAGE Portable Ice Maker Countertop. Don’t miss out on this fantastic addition to your kitchen; visit the FREE VILLAGE Store on Amazon and make every drink a cool and refreshing delight!

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