GE Profile Opal Ice Dispenser Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Ice Dispenser & 1-Gallon Side Tank, P4INDOS6RBB Review

GE Profile Opal Dispense Nugget Ice Maker

GE Profile Opal Ice Dispenser Smart

GE Profile Opal Dispense Nugget Ice Maker (P4INDOS6RBB) is a smart and modern countertop nugget ice making machine with an ice dispenser and a gallon water tank on the side, 1.8-pound capacity and wireless connectivity. It was first available on March 1, 2022 and is ranked the 75th best selling ice maker at the time of this short product review.

GE Profile Opal Dispense is easy to operate and you can get it produce and dispense fresh pellet ice with just the press of a button. It makes crunchable, chewable and with airy texture opal nugget ice that is produced quickly and keeps its flavour, unlike the regular hard cubes that you get from other ice makers. And you will not get any ice clumps with this machine. The refreshing pellet ice it makes is the compacted ice flakes and good for your different cold beverages including sodas or cocktails. 

Satin black Opal Dispense weighs 45 pounds and measures 16.79L x 15.52W x 17.5H inches. It can make up to a total of 38 pounds of ice each day and you get your first batch of ice in just 15 minutes and an average of one pound of fresh ice. And the large ice bin can have up to 2 pounds of crunchable nugget ice. One gallon capacity water tank on the side increases the production of ice by 2 to 3 times of the standard rates of built-in reservoir. And you will not need to keep refilling it with water when you need a lot of ice. 

Opal Dispense Ice Maker has the built-in wireless function that you can connect with the SmartHQ app for monitoring the status of the ice machine and scheduling the ice making. You get the automatic software updates and can access the voice control function on Google and Alexa. It is promoted as the quietest ice maker dispenser on the market, works very quietly at a low noise level during the iceGE Profile Opal Ice Dispenser production and when dropping ice. With the 120V of voltage you can plug it into any regular power outlets in the US. 

This modern ice maker has the cutting edge details and innovative design. You’ll see the sleek touchscreen illuminated when being used and going dark when the machine is resting. It makes soft crunchy nugget ice, small snowballs that float in your drinks and dispenses them directly into your glass by pressing a button. And you will not need a scoop like with other ice makers. In the box you’ll get the Opal Ice Maker Dispenser, drip tray, water tank filter (P4INKFILTR) and user manual. It is a great quality, sleek and modern ice maker dispenser with a premium look and feel, offered at a reasonable price.

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