GoveeLife Smart, Self Cleaning 26lb. Countertop Ice Maker Review

GoveeLife Smart, Self Cleaning 26lb. Countertop Ice Maker

GoveeLife Smart Countertop Ice Makers, Self-Cleaning

The GoveeLife Smart Countertop Ice Maker is an excellent addition to any home, providing a simple and efficient solution to all of your ice-making needs. This ice maker has received high praise from consumers for its clever features, speedy ice production, and user-friendly design, justifiably earning its status as an Amazon’s Choice product in the Ice Makers category by GoveeLife.

Smart Control and Features

One of the noteworthy features of this ice maker is its remote management capability through the Govee Home App. With this functionality, you can initiate the ice-making process even when you’re away from home, ensuring that fresh ice awaits you upon your return. This convenience proves especially beneficial during parties, gatherings, or when you desire ice without the usual waiting time. Moreover, the ice maker’s compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT adds an extra layer of versatility, seamlessly integrating it into your existing smart home network.

Speed and Energy Efficiency

The speed and efficiency of the GoveeLife ice maker are truly impressive. It stands out by producing nine bullet-shaped ice cubes in just six minutes, a remarkable feat compared to many conventional ice makers available. This swift ice production comes in handy during situations that require ice on short notice, like entertaining guests or preparing beverages for a party. Additionally, the ice maker boasts a substantial capacity, capable of producing up to 26 pounds of ice cubes within a 24-hour period. With this capability, it easily meets the daily ice requirements of a typical household.

Beyond its impressive speed, the GoveeLife ice maker is remarkably energy-efficient. With an average energy consumption of less than 0.1kWh per hour during operation, it not only saves you money on energy bills but also helps reduce its environmental impact. This makes it a guilt-free choice for those who are environmentally conscious and seek energy-efficient appliances for their homes.

Self Cleaning 

Maintaining a clean and sanitary ice maker is critical, and the GoveeLife ice maker makes this process simple. The ice maker’s 10-minute self-cleaning function guarantees that every nook and cranny inside the machine is fully cleaned. This contributes to a healthy lifestyle by preventing germ buildup and ensuring that your ice is always fresh and safe to consume. It is advised that the interior of the ice maker be dry before storing it to extend its life.

Ice Cube Size & ShapeGoveeLife Smart Countertop Portable Ice Maker, Self-Cleaning

Another feature that distinguishes this ice maker is its capacity to produce chewable ice cubes in three distinct sizes. These bullet-shaped ice cubes melt slowly and do not stick easily, making them ideal for cold drinks and dishes. Furthermore, you may utilize pulp-free beverages to make flavored ice cubes, giving your beverages a new twist and elevating your drinking experience.

Convenient and Functional

The GoveeLife ice maker shines in terms of simplicity and usability. It has clever sensors that detect when the ice basket is full or when the reservoir is running low on water. When each of these events occurs, the machine will notify you via voice prompts, the control panel, and the Govee Home App. This clever design eliminates the need to worry about the ice maker overfilling or running out of water, saving you time and effort.

Size and Design

The GoveeLife Smart Countertop Ice Maker has small dimensions: 12.32 inches in diameter, 8.74 inches in breadth, and 12.6 inches in height. This space-saving design makes it a great complement to any kitchen or countertop, and it blends in with a wide range of home decor styles. The sleek stainless silver exterior of the ice maker not only oozes modern elegance but also lends a touch of class to the overall environment of your kitchen. Whether you have a modern or classic interior design style, the GoveeLife ice maker seamlessly matches your existing decor, boosting the beauty of your home while serving its practical purpose with utmost efficiency.

Customer Feedback

Numerous customers have expressed their delight with the ice maker’s performance and features. Many people have praised the ease of use, pointing out that the setup process is simple and that combining it with Alexa has been a game-changer in terms of convenience. Users love the ice maker’s quiet operation, which allows them to converse without interruption while it is operating.

The GoveeLife ice maker has received great comments for its capacity to swiftly and efficiently manufacture ice, with users expressing surprise at the variety of ice cube sizes offered. The self-cleaning mechanism has also been commended for its effectiveness in keeping the machine clean.


In conclusion, the GoveeLife Smart Countertop Ice Maker is a high-quality appliance that combines convenience, efficiency, and current technology. Its smart features, quick ice production, energy economy, and user-friendly design make it an excellent choice for any home, whether you’re throwing a party, camping, or simply enjoying cool drinks. It responds to a range of preferences by producing chewable ice cubes in various sizes, ensuring that you have the perfect ice for any occasion. The GoveeLife Smart Countertop Ice Maker is a wonderful purchase that will not disappoint if you’re searching for a dependable and adaptable ice maker that delivers on its promises and adds a touch of refinement to your house.

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