GT S280 Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike by Jusnova Review

GT S280 Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike

Jusnova GT S280 Exercise Bike

GT S280 Exercise Bike by Jusnova is a modern stationary cardio fitness equipment with a belt drive mechanism, a large flywheel, an LCD display and a comfy sport saddle cushion for exercising whenever you want in the comfort of your home. It is currently listed as the best selling hot new release stationary exercise bike at

You can purchase it in three different colors of black, silver and deep silver with a 50-dollar price difference for the deep silver at the moment. The GT S280 is a good quality bike with a sturdy frame for stability and has an ergonomic design for your comfort especially during the longer workout sessions. The seat and the handlebar are adjustable which allows the bike to used by the different members of your family. You can adjust the seat up, down, forward and back and the seat up and down. It is designed as a pro indoor bike for home or office cardio workout, but not in the commercial gym settings despite its robust frame.

Because it rides smoothly and quietly you will not be disturbing others in the house or your neighbors in the building you live in. The total user weight capacity is approximately 280 pounds with its sturdy construction of a large and thick frame. Your feet will stay in place on its anti-slip caged style pedals for additional security. It measures 37.8L x 22.8W x 46.5H inches with theGT S280 Indoor Bike height measured with the handlebar at its highest. With its compact design it will only take up a small space in the room you put it in. It is not a foldable bike but comes with the wheels underneath and you can put it in any corner of any room.

The upgraded multifunctional digital LCD display has the usual workout indicators of time exercised, distance traveled, total distance since the first use (ODOmeter), calories burned, current speed and scan that shows each of these indicators one by one. There is a water bottle holder in the middle and you can stay hydrated during your riding session and you won’t need to mount and dismount the bike every single time. There is a red tension knob in the center to adjust the resistance or level of challenge during your session. You can use this solid bike both in sitting and standing positions. It would be especially great for those of you without much time to get to the gym and if you want to work out in the comfort of your home whenever you want.

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