HiCOZY D1 Countertop Bullet Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning, CB23H Review 

HiCOZY D1 Countertop Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning, CB23H

HiCOZY Countertop Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning

When it comes to portable ice makers, the HiCOZY Countertop Ice Maker is a great option for individuals who prefer having ice at their fingertips because it is small and efficient. This appliance is becoming more and more popular among consumers thanks to its user-friendly features, elegant form, and promise of ice in just 6 minutes. We’ll take a close look at the main features, user comments, and general performance of the HiCOZY D1 model in this review.

Space-Saving Design:

One important feature that sets the HiCOZY ice maker apart from its competitors is its space-saving, compact design for what it offers. The first pull-out basket in the industry fits well under cabinets because it doesn’t require additional room for a lid. With its tiny dimensions of 12.8 inches in diameter, 7.3 inches in width, and 11.6 inches in height, this machine can easily produce ice in any corner of your home, business, or even when traveling by RV or camping.

Ice in 6 Minutes and 2 Ice Sizes:

With its very effective condensing mechanism, HiCOZY can produce ice in as little as 6 minutes. The appliance can meet the needs of different events by churning out up to 24 pounds of ice every day. This countertop ice maker becomes even more versatile with the ability to select between two different ice sizes: large for a longer-lasting chill and small for a quick refresh.

Easy Controls, Clear Indicators:

The HiCOZY ice maker is simple to operate thanks to its clear indicators and user-friendly control panel. With a single button press, users may turn the machine on or off, set the size of the ice, start or stop the ice-making process, and turn on the self-cleaning feature. Even inexperienced users can effortlessly reap the advantages of this ice maker thanks to its simple controls.

One-Button Self-Cleaning:

HiCOZY Countertop Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning, CB23H

With its one-button self-cleaning feature, HiCOZY solves the tedious task of cleaning appliances. Users can initiate the self-cleaning feature for a complete tube cleaning by holding down the Start/Pause button for five seconds. This spares users the inconvenience of manual cleaning while simultaneously guaranteeing hygiene.

Buy with Confidence:

HiCOZY’s broad 1-year warranty is indicative of its dedication to ensuring client happiness. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of its bullet ice maker and offers a free replacement if any problems occur while the machine is still under warranty. Potential customers feel more confident knowing they are investing in a product that is supported by reliable customer service when they see this degree of certainty.

Customer Reviews:

Reviews for the HiCOZY Countertop Ice Maker are good and it has a current 5.0 out of 5-star rating by only two users so far. Customers praise the ice maker for its high quality, prompt delivery, and faithfulness to the description. An online reviewer expressed satisfaction with the ice maker, characterizing it as precisely what they had anticipated.

One of the users expressed their doubts about the stated pace of ice-making but was pleasantly delighted. They highlighted how quickly the machine could produce ice in six minutes and gave high marks for the cleaning function’s effectiveness.


To sum up, the HiCOZY Countertop Ice Maker (Model D1) is a great option for people looking for a quick, effective, and compact solution for their daily ice-making needs. This ice maker is an appealing bundle that includes an easy-to-use design, several ice size selections, and the convenience of self-cleaning. For anyone looking for a reliable and portable ice maker, the HiCOZY ice maker is a good option because it comes with a strong guarantee and favorable user reviews.

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