HTNBO Hydraulic Rower Rowing Machine with 360° Swing Arms

HTNBO Hydraulic Rower with 360° Swing Arms

HTNBO Store Rowing Machine 350 lb

The latest release 2021 model HTNBO Rower is a 360-degree hydraulic rowing machine, a decent, modern cardio fitness equipment with a robust construction for a 350 lb. total user weight capacity on its low carbon steel frame. It has a small LCD-backlit monitor that shows you the standard workout indicators to keep you motivated.

HTNBO Rower is designed for non-commercial home use and with the 4 levels of hydraulic resistance that you can adjust through the knobs at the back of the arms. These are the 360-degree flexible armrests that offer a nice grip and comfortable to hold. This solid hydraulic rower stays put and stable on the floor with the large suctions cups underneath. And the gravity center of this rower is stabilized, it feels safe and stable during your workout session.

You have the hydraulic buffer bars that are connected to the swing arms and they are a great help for muscle stretching and the contractions of your muscles are improved. Rowing workout helps you strengthen and tone your chest, arms- triceps, biceps, shoulders, core section- abdominals, legs and back. At each of your strokes on this hydraulic rower with the 360-degree armrests different muscles of your upper and lower body and abs will do a contraction and extension, offering you a decent whole body cardio workout. It will not only help you burn calories and fat, but also shape your body by strengthening and toning your muscles.

Please note that although it is designed as an efficient hydraulic cardiovascular machine , at the higher resistance levels that you can adjust easily it turns into a resistance workout to help you tone the different muscles of your body. A big advantage of a hydraulic or piston rowing machine such as this HTNBO is the budget price level as theyHTNBO Rowing Machine 350 lb Capacity are competitively priced, while offering you the same or more benefits. We like that it is fairly compact and portable, does not take up a lot of space and runs smoothly and quietly.

It could make a nice addition to your home gym space. If you are especially new to rowing, want something to use as a warm-up unit before your weights training session or as a cardio equipment to help you burn calories efficiently, it could work for you and a lot of other users at different fitness levels. In the box you will get the HTNBO Hydraulic Rowing Machine and a user manual with the instructions for a simple assembly. We do not have any customer reviews for this very recent release rower that first appeared at on March 10, 2021. And it is currently listed in the top 100 of the “Best Selling Rowers”.

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