Ivation Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator with 6 Drying Racks Review

Ivation Countertop Food Dehydrator via Amazon

Ivation Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator with 6 Drying Racks

Black Ivation Countertop Food Dehydrator is a compact, sleek and smart looking, practical and efficient unit with a 400 watt motor, timer with auto shutoff feature and a digital control panel. It dries all your ingredients evenly between 95 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit (with the adjustable digital thermostat) on its 6 large drying racks thanks to the back mounted fan that ensures very efficient drying without overheating so you can make easy and very healthy snacks without any of the nasty chemicals, preservatives or additives of the store bought snacks (it gives you total control of the ingredients) and also at a much lower cost. You can dry a variety of foods including herbs, veggies, fruits, snacks, meats, beef jerky among others as well as preserving foods cheaply and you can even dehydrate potato and rice for instant use in cooking. A dehydrator is usually not a must in a kitchen but this Ivation doesn’t cost much and will save you a bit of money over time if you’re into dried foods or snacks or storing/preserving items much longer while saving on space and you will have your kids or members of the family have wholesome and healthy snacks like banana chips, kale chips, crispy green beans, dried apples that are highly nutritious and low in calories regularly rather than candy bars.

Ivation Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator

You’ll find that the adjustable thermostat with auto shutoff feature is quite handy for you to have the ingredients dried properly and evenly at the ideal temp and crunchiness and you don’t have to rotate the trays and the transparent window is convenient. Ivation Dehydrator measures 13.6 x 12.4 x 17.7 inches and the shipping weight is 13.4 pounds. You can fit in quite a bit on its 6 large and height adjustable racks (with many slots inside) that measure 13×12 inches each (almost square shaped) so you’ll like it if you have a big family, if you like gardening or are simply into healthy eating. It carries the ETL mark, meaning it is in compliance with the fastest growing North American safety regulation and includes the Overheating Safety Protection. In the box you’ll get a solid sheet if you like making fruit roll-ups and a nonstick fine mesh sheet to dry herbs or other small stuff. It even has a drip tray underneath the racks for collecting the residues of dehydration. So in the box you have your dehydrating unit, 6 racks, user manual, a solid sheet, a mesh sheet and drip tray. As one of the customers pointed out, quite surprisingly it doesn’t include a dehydration time sheet and you have to download it off the internet. It is very easy to use with the easy push buttons and runs very quietly- as quiet as its gets as fas as these dehydrator machines go. You will find lots of dehydrating recipes on the internet so you can pick those you like.

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