Joy Pebble D58 3 cu ft Free Standing Stainless Steel Upright Freezer Review

Joy Pebble D58 3 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Freezer 

Silver Joy Pebble D58 is a modern, compact, stainless steel upright freezer with a standalone design and 3 cubic feet capacity. This compact freezer has a conveniently reversible door, a removable shelf and an adjustable thermostat. It is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by 7 customers that bought and used the product. And this is an indication of a good amount of customer satisfaction.

The thermostat offers a 7-gear adjustment for different temperatures between -8 and 7 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your needs at the time. The reversible door can be set up to open from the right or the left depending on your space in your kitchen or wherever you put it. You can use this upright freestanding freezer in house or apartment kitchens, offices or hotels. You can store your frozen meals in this freezer in the office kitchen. And despite the compact size on the outside you can fit in quite a bit in its 3 cubic feet interior.

The external measurements are 30H x 21D x 20.5W inches and the interior is 28H x (8-15.5)D x 12.6W inches. 8 inches depth is for the bottom section and 15.5 inches is for the medium and the top sections. The door opens up to 195 degrees to allow you to get your frozen items easily. If you have larger items you can remove the shelf conveniently. The seal gasket on the door can be removed for cleaning and keeping the harmful bacteria away. It may also be a good idea to put some petroleum jelly on the seals so that they do not dry or crack.

Most of us have a regular size fridge with a freezer section which is often not enough for our frozen foods. And this little freezer would make a great additional freezer storage space. You can put it pretty much anywhere as it won’t take up much space and runs quietly so there won’t be any extra disturbance. With its stainless steel exterior in black and silver it is easy on the eyes and will complement your kitchen Joy Pebble Free Standing Upright Freezer Interior 3 cubic feetdecor nicely. Please note that this is not an auto-defrost model but you won’t see much of an ice build-up at the rear. You just need to defrost it manually every 6 months or so or you’ll see when you need it.

This will not be too frequently though and will be nothing like the fully defrosting of the older freezers. You may want to set the thermostat to level 4, which is 0 degrees to avoid any frost accumulation. As an energy efficient compact freezer you will not be paying much extra for this on your energy bills. It looks just like in the photos and is pretty much plug and use type of product. But just like with other compressor type coolers you need to let it sit straight unplugged for up to 24 hours prior to use. This will ensure any oils that may have leaked during the transport settle. It is a good little freezer that works very well as promised, judging by the product reviews. If you have any concerns or queries you can contact the seller through the Amazon product page. Customer service is reported to be quick and professional and they will get back to you quickly.

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