JOYOUNG Portable Countertop Dishwasher with 5L Water Tank & 5 Wash Programs, XT601 Review

JOYOUNG Portable Countertop Dishwasher

JOYOUNG Portable Dishwasher Countertop with 5L

JOYOUNG XT601 is a compact and portable, countertop style dishwasher with the 5 wash programs including the Air Drying function, 5L (169oz) built-in water tank and 360-degree rotating double spray arms, for use by a family of 5 to 6. It is suitable for use in small apartments, office kitchens, dorms, RVs, campers or boats.

JOYOUNG Portable Dishwasher weighs 31.2 pounds and measures 18.3 x 17.44 x 15.98 inches. It has a compact exterior and a large interior to hold the 3 place settings, fitting up to 12-inch dishes put at any angle. And it will meet the daily dishwashing needs of a family of up to 6 people. You have adequate space for 4 bowls, 3 glasses, 3 saucers, 6 plates, 3 knives, 4 forks and 8 spoons. With its unique design detachable holder you can put different small tableware at once. And if you want more space for your large tableware you can remove the upper knife and fork holder.

Joyoung Portable Dishwasher doesn’t require any installation or adjustment of cabinets or water connections as it comes with a 5-liter capacity built-in water tank. It has the auto water level indicator that tells you when it reaches the right water level. The 5 wash programs are Normal (90 mins), Heavy (120 mins), Light (29 mins), Rinse (10 mins) and Self Clean (10 mins) for your different needs. And it will start the drying (90 mins) straight after the cleaning for the Normal, Light and Heavy programs. The high heat kills bacteria and prevents strange odours in the dishwasher.

JOYOUNG Portable Dishwasher Countertop with 5L Water Tank

The lower and upper two spray arms rotate 360 degrees simultaneously for the spray cleaning (360° Stereoscopic Decontamination) and any oil stains on dishes will be dissolved and residues removed at the high temperature of 75℃. It uses about 5 liters of water in a cycle while you’d need up to 30 liters when washing by hand. And it will save you on both water and electricity usage over time. In the package you’ll find the dishwasher, cutlery basket, detachable holder, pitcher, storage rack, drain hose, flat and coarse filters.

It has a 950-watt power motor and with the 120V~60Hz rated voltage it can be plugged into any regular US power outlets. This dishwasher is thoroughly tested in the factory before going out on the market and is offered with a year of warranty and good customer service. You can feel free to contact them for any questions or problems you encounter. China based Joyoung has been expanding into the small kitchen appliances like kettle, grain cooker, pasta maker, pressure cooker, soup maker, air frier, air frying oven and dishwashers. And these products have innovative designs with more than 8000 patents.  November 26, 2021 is the date it was first available at and is ranked the 15th best selling countertop dishwasher.

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