KASYDoFF 1500W-1.7 Meters 3-Tier Foldable Portable Clothes Drying Rack Review

KASYDoFF 1500W-1.7M 3-Tier Clothes Drying Rack

KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer Portable 1500W-1.7 Meters 3-Tier Foldable

KASYDoFF Clothes Dryer is a 1.7 meter high, 3-tier foldable drying rack with an energy saving 1500-watt power, a digital automatic timer and a remote control for use in the apartments or houses. It is made of stainless steel and very dense Dacron Oxford fabric with great sealing effect. Any dust coming in and re-contaminating the clothes are avoided.

Blue Kasydoff Dryer measures 28.35 x 19.69 x 66.93 inches for a large capacity of clothes of up to 15kg at once and you can just set it up wherever you want in your house. And when you’re done with drying your clothes or when not in use you can simply fold it flat from front to back without needing to disassemble it and move it on the four high quality castors with brakes. It can just be put against a wall, behind a door, in your closet or under the bed and save you some space in your (small) apartment.

There won’t be any damage to your clothes like drying in a conventional clothes dryer and no wrinkling as you’ll hang your clothes on the racks. You have 12 towel bars at the top where you can hang your towels and socks. You can adjust the temperature between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius (122 – 158 degrees Fahrenheit) with the intelligent temperature control. And it comes with the abnormal shutdown function and overheating protection as well as the fire retardant materials. You’ll also get the wireless remote control with the same buttons as on the heater panel- Power, time and temperature up and down.

The thermostat will stop when it gets to the maximum of 158 degrees and the unit shuts down to prevent any overheating. But please note that this is a Dacron tent with a heat blower at the bottom but no bottom section of the tent. The temperature range of this dryer will not damage your clothes and comes with the anion sterilization function. There is no filter on the blower dryer unit that you would need to clean. What you have is a metal plate with a fan at the top and theKASYDoFF Clothes Dryer Portable 1500W-1.7 Meters 3-Tier exhaust holes for the hot air to come out. It will dry your clothes better and in a shorter time if your clothes are dehydrated or spin dried properly after being washed.

If you have shirts to dry or need a bit more space in the dryer you can remove the middle steel bar. The heat and air rise up from the heating unit at the bottom and blow all around your clothes. And most of the hot air will stay inside while only a small amount goes out through the top venting holes. Your clothes are dried thoroughly and left with a clean and fresh smell. It works quietly at a noise level of just 40 decibels as compared to the 80 decibels of some dryers. The warranty offered is one year and you shall get a free replacement service if any product quality issues and post-sales customer service within the first year of your purchase. We think that it is worth at least considering at the current price level.

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