Knox Tabletop Hot/Cold Water Cooler with Built-In Instant Ice Maker Review

Knox Tabletop Water Cooler with Ice Maker via Amazon

Knox Tabletop Hot:Cold Water Cooler with Built-In Instant Ice Maker

Here is a brand new well-built and solid hot and cold water cooler with an integrated ice maker by Knox that will help you feel the convenience of having an office style water cooler in the comfort of your home and it is great for producing hot water at a maximum 185 degrees Fahrenheit and cold water at a minimum of 45 degrees so you can have your hot and cold water whenever you want and can make ice in three different sizes of small, medium and large in just ten minutes after turning on the ice function. It has an integrated ice drawer, comes with the ice making timer which you can set to make 1.9 pounds of ice per hour and has a total 45 pounds of ice making capacity each day. It is quite a flexible unit that can be connected directly to a water source or can be used with a regular 5 gallon spring water with the bottle loaded from the top which gives it a bit of flexibility and portability as you don’t have to be near a waterline, having said that it is heavier than you might think. You will get the main Knox Water Cooler unit as well as the ice scoop, waterline connection kit, top bottle hole cover for when you want to connect to a waterline and extra drain plugs, are included in the package.

Knox Tabletop Hot:Cold Water Cooler with Instant Ice Maker

Knox Tabletop Water Cooler is suitable for use in a small office, busy home or garage or basically any place you need or want quick access to cold drinking water or hot water for your tea, coffee or instant soup. It measures 13 x 17 inches and is 36 inches high including the water bottle- is large enough to handle quite a bit of hot or cold water traffic in a smaller office or busy house but not too large- it is a powerful water cooler and ice maker that can consume a bit of electricity, that is something to keep in mind too. It has an easy to control and read LCD panel at the front that includes the timer function and a clock, cold and hot water buttons that are connected to hot and cold water nozzles and you can change between the two without having to wait. If you ever get a plastic or metal taste from water within the first few days of using this unit, you just need to run cold and hot water through it a few times then it will be fine. The instructions manual is not very detailed (especially for ice making) for those with not much experience with these devices and you may need to play around a little with the ice making function and there is always a bit of noise with any ice maker but it is not too bad. You’ll hear a beep sound each time you press a button and it does work with electric power and to get hot or cold water you need it to work with electricity. For your safety and health, as a maintenance measure you should rinse it every month with water and vinegar to stop bacteria and mold from forming and clean-up is fairly easy overall. Warranty offered is one year for parts and labor by the manufacturer.

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