Legato Single Serve 6 oz Coffee & 1.5 oz Espresso Machine, 6644 Review

Legato Single Serve Coffee and Espresso Machine

Legato Single Serve 6 oz Coffee & 1.5 oz Espresso Machine

Legato 6644 is a great quality single serve 1.5 oz espresso and 6 oz coffee machine that also includes 90 free capsules as it works with single serve capsules including the Nespresso compatible ones. It is very easy to use with only two buttons at the front- one for espresso (1.5oz) and one for coffee (6oz) and you will be able to make espresso from 4 selected blends or coffee from 5 exclusive registered blends with just a touch of a button and you can certainly adjust the size of the cup. Coffee capsules have a total of six holes at the bottom so the flow and extraction are better and they can be used to make espresso as well. Espresso capsules have three holes and if you attempt to make coffee with them, you can but it won’t be a very strong coffee. Legato is very confident of the quality of their proprietary coffee and espresso blends after having spent quite a bit of time in Italy with their roasters to make sure they are unique and very special. Please note that Legato’s own pods can be used in other NespressoTM compatible machines but the outcome will obviously be different on each machine.

Legato Single Serve 6 oz Coffee and 1.5 oz Espresso Machine

The company recommends that you use the Legato capsules rather than the other Nespresso compatible ones for the best tasting coffee which they claim to have worked a lot for. The machine works quietly and makes great espresso and coffee pretty quickly and both the coffee and espresso it produces are rich, smooth, creamy and delicious. Black Legato Single Serve has a sleek and compact design, feels solid and robust, weighs 9 pounds and measures 14 x 4.5 x 10.5 inches, can be kept on your kitchen counter permanently because it looks beautiful and has a small footprint. The main difference between the espresso and coffee grinds inside the Legato capsules is that the espresso is milled coarser than coffee grinds. Although there are 7 customer reviews as of now on Amazon.com product page, the average rating is 5 out of 5 stars and some of them are actually claiming it to be the best and most consistent and easy to use coffee and espresso machine they’ve ever used and it seems to impress even those that are picky about the quality of their coffee. You will get a year warranty by the manufacturer from your purchase day but you need to register your coffee machine on www.legatocoffee.com.

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