Makita XTP01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Pin Nailer, 23 Ga. Review

Makita XTP01Z 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless Pin Nailer via Amazon

Makita XTP01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Pin Nailer, 23 Ga

Makita XTP01Z is a recent release, small yet powerful, cordless 18V LXT 3.0Ah lithium ion battery powered 23 gauge hose-free pin nailer as part of the growing Makita 18 volt lion series which is actually the largest cordless tool range with 18V slide style battery power, to make frames, set up casings, do trimming for decoration, baseboards and molding. It will let you nail pins of different sizes like 1 3/8”, 1 3/16”, 1” and 11/16” of any brand with the Makita powered motor and has a magazine capacity of some 130 nails and can nail as many as 3000 nails on one charge of its 18v 3.0Ah battery which has very fast charge times, actually the best in their class so you can do more work on it on a single charge (it will get you through most work easily without having to recharge) and have it sitting less amount of time on the charger. The way Makita achieves the better battery life and enhanced overall performance of the tool is by using a new technology called Star Protection Computer Controls, which basically means a direct smart communication between the battery and the Makita tool to send data to each other constantly and keep much better track of current performance and condition overall so that there is no overheating, over-discharging or overloading, and has a safety lever just behind the trigger. When there are three nails left in the magazine the tool will stop operating by the anti-dry-fire mechanism.

Makita XTP01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Pin Nailer, 23 Ga

You won’t need an air hose or a compressor thanks to the unit being cordless and there won’t be any unintentional firing with the enhanced accuracy of the double trigger and it won’t be easy for you to damage the materials you’re working on as it is a very precise device. It has a small ergonomic design, even has an integrated LED light to make it easier for you to work, comfy rubber soft grip handle (can be used by people with smaller hands too), weighs just 4.2 pounds without the battery so it won’t cause much fatigue to the user over a lengthy period and has the dimensions of 9.75 x 3,1 x 8.9 inches. Compatible Makita 18V li-ion battery or the battery charger is not included in the package and you need to purchase them separately and you will be better off using the genuine Makita chargers and batteries for better performance. It comes with a long 3 year warranty as also a proof of the company standing behind its products. We like that it is a compact and not heavy all in one, is easy to operate straight out of the box, powerful, can fire thousands of pins on a single charge, has a sturdy build quality and offers quite a bit of flexibility for working on softer surfaces etc. and Makita really is a great brand for all tools of a Japanese company known to be the leader of power tools innovation with great engineering and advanced motor design for a hundred years.

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