MetaWell 23-inch Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Gas Cooktop with 4 Burners Review

MetaWell 23″ Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Gas Cooktop

MetaWell Brand 23inch Gas Cook Top

MetaWell 23-inch Gas Cooktop is a built-in type, professional grade, stainless steel, dual fuel, 4-burner gas hob stovetop with the good quality steel grates and an LPG/Gas convertible kit. March 3, 2021 is the date it was first available at and there aren’t many customer reviews or ratings so far.

Silver MetaWell 23″ Gas Cooktop is a built-in or drop-in stainless steel gas cooker that is quite easy and quick to set up. It has a simple and minimalistic yet stylish design in all stainless steel and will improve the appearance in your kitchen. You have a total of 4 burners with up to 2000BTU power for very high heat you may need when you’re making stir fries. And each of the 4 burners offer non-stop heat with solid flames consistently for your different cooking needs in your home kitchen.

The premium level gas stove has the brass burners with the pure copper core and seat. There is a 304 food grade stainless steel and enamel coating cap ring. This professional grade stainless steel stovetop is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. It is an environmentally friendly unit that will help you save on energy and distributes the heat evenly. The burner heat input is 3.3+1.35+1.35+1KW and the main burner heat input is 3300W/H (11259Btu/H).

MetaWell 23″ Gas Cooktop comes with a 110V power cord and automatic pulse ignition. You can activate each burner by their own knobs that ignite automatically with the one second rapid ignition. It is easy to use, being pre-installed with the natural gas nozzles and you’ll find an LPG conversion kit. You can change the propane nozzles for your different needs. The panel weighs 21.4 pounds with the dimensions of 23.07L x 19.92W 3.15H inches and the cut-out dimensions are 21.85 x 18.7 inches.

MetaWell Brand 23inch Built-in Gas Cook Top

It has a steel furnace frame, stainless steel gas hob panel and steel furnace frame pan support and iron burner cap. You’ll find an enamel coated wok support ring to match your different styles and make it easy to manage the pots.In the package you’ll find the MetaWell 23″ Gas Cooktop, a 1.5m power cable and an operations manual. Please do not use any strong, corrosive chemicals like acids and alkalies and please use natural soap or detergent and a soft cloth. And if you see scratches on the surface do not use frictional steel wool which may make things worse. Overall we find this gas cooktop to be good value at the price point offered.

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