Miageek Fitness Folding Electric Jogging Treadmill Review

Miageek Fitness Folding Electric Jogging Treadmill

Miageek Fitness Folding Electric Jogging Treadmill

Miageek Fitness Electric Treadmill is a compact and foldable unit with a 1.5HP power and 3 manual incline levels for walking, jogging and running. As a popular fitness product it is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by 63 customers at the time of this review.

It can be used in small flats, dorm rooms or offices, but not at the gyms by tens of people each day. You can fold it up smoothly, roll it easily and store it away against a wall or in your closet. You can purchase the 1.5 horsepower without the smartphone app control in silver, white, orange colors and the 2.25HP with smart app function in black or gray&black. It has a compact, space saving and foldable design with transport wheels at the bottom front.

The maximum user weight capacity is 100kg or 220 pounds on its robust steel frame, which is not bad for a motorized treadmill at this price point. The smart LCD display with multiple functions shows the calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, heart rate. And it helps keep you motivated to reach your targets as you see your performance and progress. It has a quiet, efficient and powerful motor and the security key to stop the treadmill immediately in case of an emergency.

You have the dual safety protection with level 6 damping, very strong, dense and elastic double deck running board with the anti-slip and static lawn texture belt. This sturdy, reliable and durable treadmill with many user-friendly functions is a great fitness unit for burning calories, losing weight and keeping fit. The smartphone app control function on the 2.25HP model is good for connecting to FitShow/G-fit sports app and control your speed and other fitness data. This treadmill runs quietly as you walk or jog on it and you shall not disturb yourself or others.

Miageek Fitness Folding Treadmill LCD Display

Adjusting the three manual levels on the 2.25HP model is good for pushing yourself more, burning more calories, increasing your strength, toning your muscles better. The speed range is between 0.5 and 6 mph on the 1.5HP version and the EVA composite running belt measures 40.95 x 14 inches with a 14mm thickness. The 1.5HP Miageek Treadmill weighs 57 pounds, measures 49.21 x 23.58 x 42.13 inches as assembled and 47.25 x 23.58 x 9.45 inches as folded.

The 2.25HP version is heavier- weighs 88 pounds, has the max speed of 7.5mph, the max user weight capacity is 265 pounds and has the smart app control. The standard 1.5HP model is a bit more narrow and less bulky than the more expensive models but is stable enough for hw much it costs. You really need to pay much more if you want something bulkier and sturdier with more features. This one is small, lightweight and basic with a foldable design, takes up little space, runs quietly and is ideal for light workouts especially for beginners. It offers reasonably good value for the dollar if you do not have high expectations at such budget price point. It comes with a decent one year warranty as well as the friendly customer support. You’ll get it shipped to your address almost assembled and you only have to put some screws on. This will save you time and effort, as not everyone is good with assembling things.

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