Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002 Review

Michael Kors Access Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002

Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002

The Michael Kors Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw is powered by Google’s smartwatch platform Android Wear, and it is fully compatible with both iPhone and Android mobile devices. Those who purchase this watch will be able to select or customize the watch face, as well as change out the straps for certain looks and activities. Michael Kors is more of a fashion brand and we’re not sure if they focus on hardware specs as much but let’s see what this smartwatch offers. You will find that this watch displays all kinds of different notifications, such as texts, calls, emails, and it can even keep track of your fitness goals by tracking your sleep, steps and the number of calories you burn each day. 

Many people who have purchased this Michael Kors watch have reviewed it online, and a majority of the reviews are largely positive. One of the things that get mentioned a lot in these online reviews is the watch’s stylish overall appearance, as well as its perfect compatibility with Apple and Android devices. Most of the people who review this watch have very few complaints, claiming that it always works flawlessly for them. One of the best features about this smartwatch is the fact that it can display all sorts of notifications, so you don’t even need to pull out your phone to see what they are. The extremely durable physical design of this watch makes it very difficult to break, which is without a doubt one of its better features. The ability to switch out watch faces as well as straps with this watch is something else that a lot of people like, simply because the same face and strap is not appropriate for all activities and social settings. There are a number of options to choose from, providing you with a variety of looks and styles to match your particular needs.

Michael Kors Access Touch Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002

Those who are currently looking for a smartwatch that can provide them with the ability to check email, text and other types of notifications while adding a stylish accessory to their appearance will find that this one has quite a bit to offer. You have the sleep monitor, activity tracker, microphone and speaker, alarm clock, music control, social media notifications, WiFi syncing and automatic updating of date and time as some of its great features. Overall, the Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch is a great timepiece that implements modern technology for a uniquely stylish look as well as a variety of useful functions and features. For Android Wear it seems to be not so cheap but has received a lot of praise from customers for a number of reasons, so is certainly worth taking a close look at. This is one of the best-looking smartwatches we have seen so far and anyone who is on the lookout for a smartwatch will find that this one is a truly unique option. The gold coloured Bradshaw is designed for women but men can also wear most styles.

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