NEEDONE 350-Count Cigar Humidor Cabinet with Spanish Cedar Shelves & Drawer with Hygrometer, ‎NO-48LTB Review

NEEDONE 350-Count Cigar Humidor Cabinet with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves & Drawer with Hygrometer

NEEDONE 350 Count Cabinet with Heating and Cooling Electric Temperature Control System, Made with Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves

Your wine and cigar enjoyment will be taken to a new level by the NEEDONE 350 Count Cabinet with a Heating and Cooling Electric Temperature Control System. To help you determine if this cabinet is the best addition to your home bar or collection, we’ll go in-depth about the features and advantages of this product in this review.

A premium storage option for individuals who value finer things in life is the NEEDONE 350 Count Cabinet with a Heating and Cooling Electric Temperature Control System. This cabinet offers a special combination of features that cater to both worlds, whether you are a wine connoisseur or a cigar enthusiast. Let’s look more closely at what distinguishes this product.

Key Features

  1. Semi-Heat and Cool Technology: This cabinet’s capacity to both heat and cool is one of its most notable qualities. As a result, you may use it all year round to keep your wine and cigars at the ideal temperature. Flexibility is provided by the temperature control range of 54°F-74°F, and the indicated ambient temperature range of 41°F-78°F is wider than most competitors, making it suitable for different climates.
  2. Spanish Cedar Wood: The humidor cabinet is made of Spanish cedar wood, which is renowned for improving cigar aging and preserving wine flavors. Your collection also gains the natural fragrance of cedar wood. Importantly, the wood is unpainted, allowing you to fully appreciate the cedar’s authentic scent.
  3. 360°Circulation Air Cooling & Ultra Quiet: This cabinet has a 360° circulating air-cooling system that promotes uniform cold air distribution and prevents humidity from sinking. It is also extremely quiet. As a result, the humidity is consistent throughout the cabinet’s layers. The cabinet also functions at a remarkable low noise level of less than 38dB, making it perfect for peaceful settings like home bars or workplaces.
  4. Dual Pane Glass Door & Touch Control: The internal glass of the cabinet effectively retains heat while the outer glass protects against damaging ultraviolet rays. Easy-to-use touch control buttons compliment the sleek and compact design, giving it a contemporary and attractive appearance.
  5. Large Capacity: This cabinet’s 48L capacity allows it to hold up to 350 cigars or a substantial wine collection. You may modify the dividers and removable tray to suit your needs, making the storage area more convenient.
  6. 2-Year Warranty: NEEDONE offers peace of mind for your investment with a 2-year warranty that demonstrates their commitment to product quality.

Product Dimensions and Style

The cabinet is 25.2 inches tall, 14.2 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. It adds style to any home office or bar thanks to its contemporary design and dark colour. Its overall aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the hardwood back material and flat-panel door design.

Installation and Maintenance

The cabinet is designed for freestanding installation, making it easy to incorporate into your existing setup. Maintenance is straightforward, requiring nothing more than wiping it with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

NEEDONE 350 Count Cabinet with Heating and Cooling Electric Temperature Control

Customers have provided mixed reviews for the NEEDONE 350 Count Cabinet with Heating and Cooling Electric Temperature Control System. According to one customer, installing a second drawer considerably expanded storage space, allowing for the storing of up to 150 cigars. They also appreciated its efficiency in regulating humidity and temperature. The plastic smell was first an issue, yet it eventually subsided. The digital hygrometer was routinely 12 units wrong, according to another reviewer, who suggested using a different one.

Also mentioned was the need for better lighting, particularly when the unit is completely filled. The cabinet’s capacity to control humidity levels was praised despite these small flaws. The cabinet demonstrated to be a viable option with reliable temperature control and humidity retention for individuals with approximately 75 to 120 cigars. Although some buyers believed it might not hold the whole 350 cigars as claimed, they still thought it was a great entry-level humidor, especially given the cost. Overall, reviews of the cabinet’s functionality and sleek style were favourable, making it a standout option for cigar lovers wishing to up their storing game.

Final Thoughts

For those who enjoy wine and cigars, the NEEDONE 350 Count Cabinet with Heating and Cooling Electric Temperature Control System is a practical and stylish option. It stands out from the competitors because to its dual-purpose capability (heating and cooling), usage of Spanish cedar wood, and sophisticated temperature management. It’s a beautiful addition to any home office or bar because of its roomy interior, silent operation, and stylish appearance.

Before making a purchase, you must, however, carefully evaluate your needs and budget. Finding the ideal match for your collection can also be aided by reading user evaluations and contrasting the various options. With NEEDONE, you can improve your wine and cigar storage experience and enjoy life’s joys with trust in your storage.

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