Nicoletta Fabric Settee, Deep Blue or Sky Gray Review

Nicoletta Tufted Fabric Settee

Nicoletta Deep Blue Fabric Settee

Nicoletta by GDF Studio is a brand new tufted fabric settee with a beautiful French colonial design giving it a great vintage feel that will make any room look a bit more refined and sophisticated despite its rather compact size. The backrest has a nice curve giving your back decent support and you will notice that the rear legs seem to mirror the same curve in an interesting but lovely twist and there is the tuft detailing through the backrest.

Nicoletta is certainly an elegant and good quality fabric settee that is made of polyester fabric and dark brown birch leg. It is manufactured by GDFStudio, will require minimal assembly and measures 29.25 x 43.75 x 30.50 inches as assembled, weighs 59.8 pounds and the seat is 44.50W x 19D x 17H inches with 6.5 inch long removable legs that screw on. So it is a little compact in size and short, definitely smaller than regular sized couches. It is offered in two beautiful colors of sky gray and deep blue which is darker than light blue and lighter than navy, almost like between blue and purple/teal color.

Nicoletta Sky Gray Fabric Settee

Nicoletta is an adorable looking and very solid and sturdy feeling settee that looks pretty much like in the photos (judging by a few customer reviews) and it does not look like you would regret your purchase. It can be used for different purposes, in a studio apartment, in your kids’ room, as an additional seating spot in a large living room or in the hallway if there is a seat needed near the entrance for sitting down and taking shoes off etc.

It may be quite small, short and compact, like a bench sized seat that two people can sit on in a cozy way but has a maximum weights capacity of 250 pounds and is certainly quite comfortable. Your kids or grandkids will certainly love it as they will not need to make a big effort to jump and sit on it. It is not something you would purchase as the main couch in your living room but more as an additional item, a great looking piece of solid furniture that will add to the decor and something children may comfortably sit on or up to two adults. In the box you will just get the compact Nicoletta settee with four removable legs that screw on and putting it together is a piece of cake.

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