NOVA Gym  Total Body Portable Workout Equipment – NASA SpiraFlex Strength Training Technology Review

NOVA Gym NASA SpiraFlex Total Body Portable Workout Equipment

NOVA Gym - Total Body Portable Workout Equipment

NOVA Gym by OYO Fitness is a whole body portable fitness equipment with an innovative design that uses the NASA SpiraFlex strength training technology. You can use it whenever and wherever you want with its conveniently portable and lightweight design but heavy duty structure.

You’ll get four 10-pound rated FlexPacks with a maximum SpiraFlex resistance of 40 pounds in each hand, while weighing just 2.5 pounds for you to take the equipment wherever you go. The resistance felt on this home gym equipment is like the weight plate cable machine resistance in each of your hands. You will have access to 197 exercises and 60 workout videos for training your chest, shoulders, arms- triceps & biceps, upper back, lower back, legs, abs and pump and pedal walking. It can help you burn calories and fat and strengthen and tone muscles.

The patented Nasa Spiraflex resistance technology replaces the weights and it is claimed to be used for more than a decade in the International Space Station for keeping the astronauts fit. And the effect on the increase in muscle size is as much as free weights according to a study in NASA sponsored study. The type of resistance offered on this equipment is linear or equal through a motion range like with the free weights and not progressive like the resistance bands. It can help you get lean and fit by burning calories and toning muscles wherever and whenever you want.

It is a unique fitness equipment that offers the DoubleFlex activation of opposing muscle groups during a single workout for a balanced body in less amount of time. As this workout equipment does not need the vertical of gravity you can do different exercises in different planes of movement without needing an extra equipment or a bench for toning,NOVA Gym - Total Body Portable Workout Equipment NASA Spiraflex strengthening, shaping or sculpting your body. You can build lean muscles while burning fat, even at the resting position.

The T-handles are reinforced with steel and have the stainless steel cables with nylon coating. It is promoted as a full gym in your hands with the different levels of resistance without the weights. The most popular exercises you can do with this equipment are Lat + Delt Rows, Bicep Curls, Deadlifts, Tricep Extension/Kick-Back, Seated Back Extension, Squats + Lunges, Seated Abdominal Crunch, Chest + Back DoubleFlex, Chest + Abs Russian Twist, Chest + Back DoubleFlex + Squat and Lat + Shoulder Raise DoubleFlex.

Grey Nova Gym is made of steel, rubber and plastic. In the package you’ll get the Nova Gym, 4 x 10lb rated Flex Packs, wall chart for 30 exercises and a combination door/leg attachment. You’ll also get the links to Nutrition Guide and a free membership in the OYO Fitness Club for many exercises and workout videos (60 online workout and 160 exercise videos) + 10 Week Challenge + 28 Day Beginner + 30 Day Standard Programs. March 24, 2022 is the date it was first available at and is listed as the 36th best selling home gym system. You’ll get a warranty of three years along with customer support and you can have a peace of mind.

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