NUTR Automatic Stainless Steel Self Cleaning Nut Milk Maker Review

NUTR Automatic Nut Milk Maker

NUTR Machine Automatic Homemade Nut Milk Maker

NUTR Nut Milk Maker is a stainless steel, boil and blend automatic milk making machine with the powerful blades for single serve homemade soy, coconut, oat, almond or plant based milks or other non-dairy beverages and with the self cleaning function.

February 14, 2022 is the date it first became available at and is currently listed in the top 50 best selling countertop blenders. The average rating is a decent 4.8 out of 5 stars by 23 customers at the time of this review for this number one new release countertop style nut milk maker/blender. There are two color options of Matte Black & Rose Gold or white with a 20-dollar price difference at the moment. Please refer to the Amazon product page for the current prices and availability.

It is compact and portable, weighing just 3 pounds and measuring 6 x 5 x 9 inches and all the internal chamber and blades are made of good quality stainless steel. You can prepare homemade plant-based, non-dairy or nut milk in just minutes without much of a mess. The way this small appliance works is it blends the grains and nuts for achieving a creamy, rich and smooth milk. You can also make different beverages including smoothies, shakes, lattes, creamers and other hot or cold beverages. There are many recipes in the Nutr recipe book that you can check out and try.

You just pour in your nut and/or other ingredients, add some water and blend. With its single serving size and three heat settings you can make fresh milk or cold (iced) beverages every single day. You can have warm beverages and creamers at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, oat or chilled milk at room temperature or hot beverages at 212 degrees (boiling rice and soy milk) and consume safely. It can also be used as a tea kettle with the waterNUTR Machine Automatic Nut Milk Maker boiling function and comes with the convenient self cleaning function for 90 seconds and clean it up easily. It has the Delay Start function at up to 18 hours if you want to pre-soak the nuts and get creamer nut milk. 

It allows you to make different types of milk and other beverages at home and you don’t have to pay premium to the store bought milks. You will also be in control of what goes into your milk or beverage and get healthier results without the additives or preservatives. With its 8 to 13oz single serving size you’ll get how much you need at the time and not waste any food. In the box, you’ll get a stainless steel strainer, two stainless steel measuring scoops, cleaning brush, recipe book and power cord. With the 110V of voltage you can plug it into any regular power outlets in the US. Nutr is a participant in the One Tree Planted campaign and a tree will be planted for each of the Nut machine sold.

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