Nutribullet Ultra Personal Blender NB50500, 32 oz, Gray Review

NutriBullet 32 oz Ultra Personal Blender NB50500

nutribullet Ultra Personal Blender NB50500, 32 oz, Gray

The NutriBullet Ultra Personal Blender NB50500 is a decent option to consider if you’re on the market for a countertop blender because of its strong 1200-watt engine, stylish design, and innovative functions. To assist you in making an informed choice, we will examine each aspect of the NutriBullet Ultra in this in-depth product review.

Product Information

The sleek grey NutriBullet Ultra Personal Blender NB50500 has a number of enticing features. Its small size makes it a space-saving addition to your kitchen, measuring 5 inches in diameter 4.75 inches in width, and 7.9 inches in height. The fact that this blender can be put in the dishwasher makes cleanup easy after use. A robust 1200-watt Motor Base, a Rapid Extractor Blade, a 32 oz. cup, a 24 oz. cup, a 24 oz Handled Cup, two To Go Lids, a Recipe Guide, a User Guide, and other items are included in the bundle.

For your peace of mind, it is built with BPA-free components and runs on corded electricity. The NutriBullet Ultra NB50500 weighs 11.48 pounds, and it is proudly manufactured by NutriBullet, with an item model number of NB50500. With 20 customer reviews, it has impressively received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Additionally, it retains a decent place in the market, placing #19 in countertop blenders. On July 22, 2023, this innovative kitchen appliance first became available. The NutriBullet Ultra Personal Blender NB50500 is now offered at a fair price and has a variety of purchasing alternatives. By providing free returns for your convenience, Amazon improves the shopping experience.

Powerful and Quiet

The 1200-watt motor is one of the NutriBullet Ultra’s most notable features. This makes it among the strongest single-serve blenders available. This blender can easily handle the blending of fruits, vegetables, or even ice. The fact that it accomplishes this while astonishingly remaining silent is even more impressive, as a result of its unique architecture that generates lower-frequency sound. When you want to enjoy your morning smoothie, you won’t have to wake up the whole house!

Space-Saving Design

The NutriBullet Ultra has a slim design and requires little room on your kitchen counter. Its svelte shape adds cutting-edge design to your home while also looking trendy and current. This blender is a great option if you have a small kitchen or little counter space because it won’t take up much room.

Intuitive Illuminated Interface

The NutriBullet Ultra’s glow interface is revolutionary. Your cup will flash two blending options as soon as it touches the power base: the complete circle for the automatic smoothie cycle and the pulse circle for manual control. Even new users will find blending to be simple thanks to this feature. You have the choice of either the automated cycle for consistent results or the pulse option to control your own blends.

Eco-Friendly and Durable Cups 

nutribullet Ultra Personal Blender NB50500, 32 oz

The materials that NutriBullet chooses demonstrate how concerned the company is with the environment. The Ultra’s blending cups are made of Tritan Renew, a tough material with 50% certified recycled content. These cups are not only BPA-free and shatter-resistant but also environmentally sustainable, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind. Additionally, they are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleanup simple.

Rapid Extractor Blade

A Rapid Extractor Blade with a titanium coating and stainless steel platform is included with the NutriBullet Ultra. Combining these two ingredients shortens the blending process while also extending the life of the blades. You’ll be astounded by how quickly and easily this blender can combine your ingredients to create a smooth and creamy mixture. Even further evidence of their excellence is the fact that each blade has a 5-year limited warranty.

Advancements Over the Original NutriBullet

The original NutriBullet blender’s essence is carried over into the NutriBullet Ultra, which improves upon it. This blender clearly outperforms its predecessor thanks to its higher wattage, more resilient blades, user-friendly backlit interface, and elegant profile. If you enjoyed the first NutriBullet, you’ll appreciate the Ultra even more.

Customer Feedback 

With an amazing rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 20 reviews, the NutriBullet Ultra has gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. Additionally, NutriBullet’s Countertop Blenders division has awarded it the prestigious “Amazon’s Choice” seal of approval. It is obvious that this blender is becoming more well-liked by consumers given the 400+ purchases it has received in the previous month.


In conclusion, for anyone looking for a potent, effective, and user-friendly blender, the NutriBullet Ultra Personal Blender NB50500 is a fantastic pick. It stands out from other countertop blenders because to its eco-friendly construction, quiet operation, and 1200 watt engine. The NutriBullet Ultra is a worthwhile investment that will surely improve your culinary explorations, whether you’re a smoothie aficionado or simply trying to better your blending experience. With the NutriBullet Ultra, you can wave goodbye to lumpy, uneven blends and say hello to smooth, delectable creations.

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