Nutzlich 36″ & 30″ Propane Gas Cooktop w/ 5 Burners, NG/LPG & Tempered Glass, NTG01 & NTS01 Review

Nutzlich 36″  Propane Gas Cooktop w/ 5 Burners

Nutzlich 36 inch Gas Cooktop

Nutzlich NTG01 is a 36-inch size built-in type propane gas stovetop with the tempered glass and 5 burners. It is an NG/LPG convertible gas stovetop with the built-in security functions like the thermocouple protection. There is currently only a single 5-star rating for this hot new release cooktop.

You will get the conversion kit free of charge in the box and please see the Amazon product page for the NG nozzle to LPG nozzle conversion numbers. You have the two style options of 36-inch NTG01 and 30-inch NTS01 that you can view on the product page with just a 20-dollar price difference at the time of this post release. You need the 110V standard AC power source for the turn and push electronic ignition, but the rest of the unit works on gas. The heater surface is tempered glass with a nice and unique pattern that looks quite nice.

The built-in style Nutzlich 36-inch Gas Cooktop has the cast iron heavy grates and five dedicated efficient wok burners to fit your wok pans comfortably and you will get plenty of heat for your stir fries or whatever you’re cooking. The A+ sealed burners generate an optimally adjustable pure flame with a high output and will direct the flame to below your pans. It has the flame failure protection device built-in. If the flame is put off by accident the gas supply to the burners will stop immediately with the built-in flame failure device.

Nutzlich 36 inch Gas Cooktop Tempered Glass

The cast iron heavy grates offer a nice and secure support for your heavy pans and pots and you can remove them easily when you’re cleaning the unit. The Nutzlick 36-inch Gas Stovetop has the modern dials and electronic ignition for starting it easily and adjusting the flame. It is originally set to natural gas and can be converted to propane gas easily.

The 36-inch NTG01 Cooktop weighs 43.9 pounds and measures ‎35.5 x 19.7 x 3.93 inches with the cut-out dimensions of 32.7 x 18.5 inches. And the 30-inch NTS01 weighs ‎38.9 pounds, measures 29.9 x 19.7 x 3.93 inches with the cut-out dimensions of 21.7 x 18.5 inches. The power rating for both the 36″ & 30″ Gas Cooktops is 35700BTU in total with 11200BTU on burner A, 5900BTU on burner B, 3400BTU on burner C, 9300BTU on burner D and 5900BTU on burner E. We are happy to recommend this modern, nice looking 36-inch gas cooktop with the heavy-duty grates and efficeint burners. July 20, 2021 is the date it first became available at and is ranked the 87th best seller cooktop on the market.

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