Outad 650W 4.75-Qt Bowl 10-Speed Stand Mixer Review

Outad 650W 4.75-Qt 10-Speed Stand Mixer 

OUTAD Stand Mixer 650W

Outad Stand Mixer is a multifunctional electric kitchen appliance with a robust metal gear mechanism, a 650-watt power motor that offers you 10 different processing speeds and a 4.75-quart capacity bowl for small and medium size jobs. The main stand mixer unit is priced rather competitively and has attachments you can purchase for performing different tasks, like the meat grinder, blender and slicer/shredder attachments.

You can slice, shred, juice, grind meat, stir, beat eggs, blend, mix and more. The attachments included in the package are mixer blade, dough hook, wire whip and flat beater. It weighs 16.9 pounds being a heavy duty kitchen appliance and has the measurements of 24.9 x 14.9 x 10.6 inches- has a smaller footprint and will not occupy too much of your bench space. It is easy on the eyes and will look nice on the bench, so you’ll probably not want to put it away. You will have very easy access to the stainless steel bowl and the attachment accessory with its convenient tilt-head design. This works nicely for adding more ingredients in, changing the attachment or taking out the bowl after completing the task. With its powerful 650 watt motor (120V and 50/60Hz) and ten speeds with the pulse function that are adjustable through the variable speed dial, you can do a variety of recipes.

outad stand mixer 650w 4.75-qt bowl

You can have up to 2kg of mixtures in the 4.75-liter bowl of the Outad Stand Mixer. You have the silicone suction cup feet underneath that will keep the mixer in place during the operation and will also help decrease the noise level. The 67-point planetary mixing offers great bowl coverage with 67 different touch-points each time it rotates around the bowl and mixes all the ingredients completely. It is designed to save you quite a bit of time in the kitchen, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced chef. You will find yourself doing things faster than by hand or more simple mixer or blenders.

But those that don’t do much in the kitchen, if they will bake a cake every once in a while, then they’re better off with a simple hand mixer. The wire whip will add air into the contents of the bowl quickly, so you can have whipped egg whites for your cake, whipped cream, and boiled frostings. The C-dough hook is great for both mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough easily so you do not need to do anything manually. The third attachment included is the flat beater and mixes cookie dough and cake batter, mash potatoes and peas properly and do heaps more. You also have the single piece transparent pouring shield that you put on top of the stainless steel bowl and you can add more ingredients to the bowl. Another benefit of using the shield is that stuff like flour will not fly out of the bowl when you’re mixing the ingredients. It is easy to use, will save you quite a bit of time, feels rather stable during the operation and easy to clean when you’re done. Good value for money!

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