PIEZANO Indoor/Outdoor Electric Pizza Maker Oven by Granitestone Review

PIEZANO Indoor/Outdoor Electric Pizza Maker Oven by Granitestone

PIEZANO Pizza Oven by Granitestone – All in 1 Pizza Oven

Everyone loves pizza, and many of us would love to make the perfect pizza easily at home. The PIEZANO Pizza Oven by Granitestone has the ability to cook to a remarkable 800°F and duplicate the taste of brick oven pizza, this portable electric countertop pizza maker has dominated the market. The PIEZANO Pizza Oven will be thoroughly examined in this in-depth review, along with its features, functionality, and actual user experiences.

Key Features

In the crowded pizza oven market, the PIEZANO Pizza Oven stands apart thanks to a number of features, including:

  1. High-Temperature Capability: The PIEZANO’s capacity to withstand temperatures of up to 800°F is by far its most noticeable characteristic. The highest temperature of a conventional home oven is 450–500°F, so this is much higher, resulting in the sought-after crispy crust and true pizza flavor.
  2. Ceramic Pizza Stone: The oven has a 12-inch natural ceramic pizza stone that uniformly distributes heat to produce a crisp crust and an even bake. The stone may be easily removed for cleaning.
  3. Adjustable Heat Control: You have complete control over the temperature for a more uniform bake thanks to the dual-knob temperature control system, which enables you to precisely adjust the top and bottom heat settings. You can monitor the cooking process for the appropriate baking conditions using the built-in thermometer display.
  4. Electric-Powered Convenience: Because the PIEZANO is powered by electricity, it doesn’t require any gas, wood, or charcoal. Place it on your countertop and plug it into an electrical outlet for simple daily convenience.
  5. Portable Design: With its small size (13.62″ D x 13.77″ W x 6.49″ H), this pizza oven is portable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. To avoid slippage while in use, the base has suction cups.


The effectiveness of a pizza oven is really put to the test. The PIEZANO Pizza Oven keeps to its cooking temperature promise of 800°F, guaranteeing that you may get a crispy crust that is comparable to pizzeria quality. The fact that it completes in less than six minutes makes it a particularly practical and quick choice for pizza aficionados. PIEZANO Pizza Oven by Granitestone – All in 1 Pizza Oven Features

The ceramic pizza stone is essential to the success of the pizza’s cooking. Customers have remarked that this function guarantees consistent outcomes and enables them to make pizzas with immaculately crisp crusts and properly cooked toppings. The user-customizable baking conditions made possible by the adjustable heat control are a major benefit.

Customer Feedback

The PIEZANO Pizza Oven was simple to set up, and despite its capacity for extremely high temperatures, one user was happy that it didn’t trip the circuit breaker. After rotating the pizza halfway through cooking, it took just six minutes for it to be done. They did, however, point out that the recipe booklet that came with the oven seemed to be lacking, suggesting that this flexible oven may offer more interesting and inventive culinary opportunities. Another client reported having success using the oven to quickly prepare a frozen pizza. They praised the appliance’s simple functioning and emphasised how convenient it was for preparing pizza quickly.

The oven’s pricing and uniform cooking were praised by a Vine Customer Reviewer, who also noted that the device struggled to sustain the promised 800°F temperature and lost heat when the lid was opened. They also mentioned how the temperature gauge’s dual Celsius and Fahrenheit display made it difficult to read. Overall, while some customers had concerns about the oven’s functionality and temperature range, others praised its practicality and effectiveness for baking handmade pizza.


Pizza of restaurant quality can be made at home with the PIEZANO Pizza Oven by Granitestone, which promises to be portable and powered by electricity. The fact that it can reach 800°F is a big plus because it makes it possible to get a crispy crust and evenly cooked toppings. While a few users have expressed doubts about its capacity to achieve and sustain this temperature, many others have had positive experiences.

In conclusion, anyone looking to up their homemade pizza game should strongly consider the PIEZANO Pizza Oven. Although it might not completely replace conventional wood-fired pizza ovens, it does provide a convenient and affordable method to enjoy scrumptious, homemade pizza with a crispy, brick-oven-style taste.

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