Powerseal SPBC12 12 inch Impulse Sealer with Cutter Review

Powerseal SPBC12 12 inch Impulse Sealer with Cutter

Powerseal Impulse Sealer

Black Powerseal SPBC12 is a hot new release 12 inch “Impulse Bag Sealer” that includes a cutter and seals with a 6mm thickness and will clean cut it straight after sealing, all in a single step. So what you do is put the tubing or bag in between the seal bars and push the handle down and after sealing you just use the cutter manually if you wish to get rid of the excess part. It weighs 11 pounds so it is rather heavy but is quite compact in size- much smaller than regular vacuum sealers. Cutter seems to function well with sharp enough blades and if you will be using it a lot one of the customers recommend that you get additional blades and holder.

It is designed for domestic kitchen use but can also be used in small commercial kitchen settings as well. For the price level it is reported to be quite easy to use, to do the job quite well and is well solid and robust so it should last a while even if you use it everyday for a few tasks each day. It is great if you like being organized- keep your and want to extend the shelf life of your foods, is good for everyday use as it is quite well made and seals the bags easily and evenly. About the cutter.. Some people like it and some people don’t, it can certainly come in handy and you will find yourself using it for some tasks and not others and it is certainly good to have when you need to cut it. You may adjust the thickness through the dial at the front, has a thick cord with good insulation as well. It has a more simplistic design as compared to larger vacuum bag sealers we reviewed so far but it is quite an efficient one and will also save you on time and money by not throwing out food as much and perhaps buying discounted items in bulk, will make thing seasier for you in a variety of light-duty applications in the kitchen.

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