S SECRETLAND Platform Bed Frame with Headboard & Wood Slat Support Review

S SECRETLAND Platform Bed Frame with Headboard

S SECRETLAND Twin Bed with Upholstered Headboard

S SECRETLAND Platform Bed Frame has a robust wood slat support and under bed storage and it is offered in twin, full and queen size with the color options of brown and grey. It is easy to assemble, does not squeak and box spring use is optional and not compulsory.

Alloy steel and wood materials are used on this bed frame and it is firmer and more stable with a total maximum recommended weight of 800 pounds. The headboard has an inner cushion filled with a very dense rebound sponge and its ergonomic design will fit the curve of your back and waist. It is solid and durable, breathable, soft and comfortable when you sit on the bed. This platform bed frame has a robust construction of a solid steel frame and very dense foam padding and is quite stable. 

It has the non-slip plastic foot pads that can protect your floors from scratches. The non-slip strip design of this bed frame stabilises the mattress and gets rid of the squeaks. It has the solid wood slats that support and enhance the life of spring mattress, memory foam and latex without needing a box spring. There is an extra storage space underneath this bed frame and if you have a sweeping robot at home, it will have adequate space (7.5 inches gap) for helping reduce the dust at the bottom of the bed.

The twin size bed weighs 42 pounds and measures 76 x 39 x 12.4 inches with a 42.7” high headboard, the full size bed weighs 56 pounds and measures 76 x 54 x 12.4 inches and the queen size bed weighs 62 pounds and measures 81 x 60 x 12.4 inches. It is well constructed, solid and heavy,S SECRETLAND Twin Bed with Upholstered Headboard Twin Size has a contemporary design and is quite comfortable. You can use a box spring if you find that the frame is not high enough for you. 

A couple of customers complained about it being a little short, so please measure your mattress before putting your order through. This bed is easy to assemble within 40-45 minutes with the clear instructions, parts and tools included in a single box. You need to install the curved wooden slats with the arched side facing up. You can contact the customer support team in case of any problems during the assembly. It was first available on February 15, 2022 and is a popular hot new release bed frame on Amazon.com. 

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