Sovnia Stationary Indoor Bike with 35lb. Flywheel & Belt Drive Review

Sovnia Stationary Indoor Bike with 35lb. Flywheel

Sovnia Exercise Bike

Sovnia Exercise Bike is a 2020 model updated stationary indoor cardio fitness equipment with a good size comfortable seat, an LCD display and tablet holder. It offers a very quiet and smooth operation with its large 35 lb. flywheel and belt drive.

As a recently released spin bike it has a single 5-star rating and appears to be good value for the dollar at first glance to the design, specs and features. It can be used comfortably in apartments, houses and offices as it rides quietly and you will not be disturbing others in the house, neighbors downstairs or yourself. It feels sturdy and stable on its thickened triangular steel frame in both sitting and standing positions.

With the adjustable resistance via the tension knob you can enjoy different levels of workout challenge and intensity. It is designed to help you boost your heart rate and lung function, burn calories and fat, lose weight, get in shape, feel better both physically and mentally by decreasing the fatigue in your body and relieve the soreness on your muscles. The comfy seat can be adjusted four ways- up, down, forward and back and the handlebar two ways- up and down to accommodate people at different heights and for you to feel more comfortable during your workout session. You can use the same tension knob to stop the flywheel when you can’t stop by yourself.

The inseam height is between 25 and 38.6 inches with the extended seat post that can accommodate users between the heights of 4’1” and 6’7″. The maximum user weight supported on this solid and durable bike is 285 pounds. The digital LCD-backlit monitor shows the calories burned, current speed, time exercised, distance traveled and ODOmeter. You can watch fitness classes or other videos on your tablet and work out longer. The anti-slip steel Sovnia Stationary Exercise Bikecage type pedals have the adjustable foot straps for different sized feet, and will protect your feet and prevent it from sliding forward. There is a water bottle holder where you can put your bottle to keep your water nearby during your workout, to stay hydrated.

This is the latest version Sovnia Stationary Bike with the upgrades on its belt drive, brake pad, LCD display, pedals, seat and the wider and thicker frame with the upgraded A3 M10 spcc steel. When you increase the resistance level you will hear a low whistle from the pure wool brake pad. You’ll also get an extra brake pad free of charge in the box when you need to replace it. It is easy to put together with the tools and the instructions included in the package. It can be moved around easily on its front yellow wheels to a convenient spot. Sovnia Bike comes with a two-year (or 24 months) guarantee for replacing the components and you can call or message the customer service team for any queries or problems you may have. It is also returnable within 30 days of receiving it at your address.

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