SwissGear Sion 21″ Burgundy, 6283 131161 Review

Burgundy SwissGear Sion 21 inches

swissgear 21 burgundy

Burgundy color SwissGear Sion is an imported 21-inch carry on or cabin bag that you can put in the overhead locker on the plane. It is suitable for your short business or leisure trips or to have as an extra luggage on longer trips to put your more essential items in.

It has a polyester lining, strengthened solid handles on the side and the top as well as a metal telescoping handle that locks at three different points. You can roll it easily and smoothly across the airport terminals or on different grounds with its four spinner wheels that move 360 degrees- in multi-directions.

Although this is a cabin bag- not a very large one when looked from outside, you can expand it by about one and a half inches to get to a total depth of about nine and a half inches so you can fit in more. You can easily put an item on top of the bag attaching the loop over the telescoping handle that is long and sturdy enough.

It is a very well constructed product by a well known European company- one of the best and best value cabin luggage on the market. And it puts up with rough throwing around of the airport and airline staff well and is built to last a long time. SwissGear is actually the maker of the genuine “Swiss Army Knife”.

It is spacious and deep inside with zippers and compartments and you can put in quite a bit for a short weekend or a few days’ trip. It fits in any plane overhead compartment easily. SwissGear Sion is a fairly new design and release product and manages to score 5 / 5 stars out of 9 customer reviews on Amazon as of today. It is indeed a very high-quality product that we don’t hesitate to recommend.

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